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Envia Body Satin Shave Gel

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Shaves smooth


I found that the Envia shave gel works really well. Just put a little it your hand, lather it up a little and it goes on very nicely. The gel is lightly scented so it will not conflict with any other scented products that you may be using. It is not to thick and is easy to use. Although I hate to shave- I have found that using the Envia shave gel no longer makes this such an awful task. The gel leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It has essential vitamins that are good for my skin. It is almost like pampering myself. I loaned it to a friend when she came to visit and she just continued to rave about it, even after her stay with me had ended. I ended up sending her three of the canisters for her and her daughters. The only thing I dislike about this is that the cannister will leave a rust ring on my tub when I leave it on the edge of the bathtub. Other than the rust ring, I love this product and would recommend it to everyone.

Colorado Springs, CO


Envia Body Satin Shave Gel

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