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Entenmann's - Soft'ees Plain Donuts

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Acquired taste that is good


When I was younger, I did not like these plain doughnuts very much (neither did most in my family-when we bought the variety pack my dad ended up needing to eat the plain ones). But as I got a little bit older, I began to acquire a liking for these doughnuts. My enjoyment of them grew to the point that I will now sometimes buy this box of twelve plain doughnuts instead of the variety pack that includes other flavors. My favorite way to eat these plain doughnuts is to dip them in a drink. They go best in milk, as the doughnut and milk flavor combine into pure deliciousness. But I also enjoy dipping them in coffee, and this is a great way to have breakfast in the morning (usually the milk and doughnut is a snack before bed time). My wife and I can get through a box of these doughnuts in a few days, particularly if we let our older son have one to two. Overall, these doughnuts were an acquired taste for me, but now I love them.



Yummy and great price for size


What I love about these donuts is that there is a range for those who like sugar and for those who just like the old fashioned style donut. They Also have a good number for those with a family and stay fresh for a number of days.

Bound Brook, NJ


Soft'ees Donuts Really Are Super Soft


I am a coffee lover. I like to have a little something with my coffee sometimes. That is when a good tasting donut goes good with that steaming cup of java. The Soft'ees Donuts are soft and delicious and made by Entenmann's. Whether you are a person who likes to do the coffee/donut dunking or just want to relax and enjoy a plain one, they are firm enough, but yet soft to enjoy. They are delicious no matter what way you want to enjoy your donuts. The Soft'ess are a plain donut and you get 12 in a pack which they call a family pack. The Entemann's Donuts come in plain, powdered sugar, cinnamon or frosted for a nice variety for you to choose from. **Contains: **Wheat Flour, Barley Flour, Egg Yolk Powder, Non Fat Milk, Soy Flour for those who need to watch those ingredients for allergys. **Nutrition: **Serving size is 1 donut which has 190 calories with no trans fats, and no cholesterol. There is 100 calories from fat in 1 donut. Total fat is 11 grams and there is 5 grams of Saturated Fats. The Sodium in these is 210 mg, there is 7 grams of Sugar and 2 grams of Protein. Carbohydrates are 21 grams. There is 4 % Iron in a donut.

Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Entenmann's - Soft'ees Plain Donuts

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