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Ensure Complete Balanced Nutrition Drink

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Ensure is a great nutritional supplement


When my elderly mom was hospitalized for pneumonia recently, her doctor recommended Ensure to supplement her diet in order to get her strength back. I was somewhat pessimistic about it because she is very finicky . And besides the 6 pack came with a hefty price tag. To my pleasant surprise she loved it and so did I. I tasted all the flavors including the Butter Pecan, which we both liked. (Vanilla is good too). What I like is that Ensure is a total nutrition drink, ensuring that one gets all the vitamins, minerals and even some protein that are part of the daily FDA requirements. Not to mention that the product is pleasant, tasty and easy to use. You can drink it straight out of the container or pour the bottle contents into a glass. She drank it, to my disbelief. She usually doesn't like these dietary supplements. We also have a mutual friend who is a Nurse who highly recommended the drink to us. I tasted it and like it too. It has a milkshake-like consistency and fell and tastes like a butter pecan shake. All the while that you are enjoying this, you will be provided with a healthy dose of required vitamins and supplements. I recommend two per day to be extra safe.


Brooklyn, NY


Great flavor of Ensure


Ensure-Complete Nutrition Drink, Butter Pecan tastes great! It tastes rich, smooth, and creamy, and the pecan flavor really comes through. These are best served cold and I always shake the bottle thoroughly a few times. Ensure is filling and satisfying. I drink Ensure several times a month. Along with Chocolate, Butter Pecan is my other favorite flavor. I love to drink them when I'm on the go and do not have time to really stop and eat. They are also great to drink if you are tired but have a million things to do and need an extra energy boost. Ensure is much healthier than caffeine! Ensure is also loaded with twenty-four vitamins and minerals. It makes a healthy meal replacement or snack.




Ensure Complete Balanced Nutrition Drink

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