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Shampoo for All Hair Types
Enjoy Enjoy Sulfate Free Shampoo (with Cleanse Sensor)

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Enjoy slfate free Shampoo is great for fine hair.


I tried a sample of the Enjoy Sulfate Free Shampoo with cleanse sensor.  I loved it.  Smells great, suds up nice, and that .25oz packet lasted me 2 shampoos.  I liked how it made my hair nice and shine, and it felt clean.  No feel of residue.  The shampoo is nice and light, and it also made my hands feel softer.  So I know it's not only for my hair, but good for my skin.  

Honolulu, HI


Enjoy Sulfate Free Shampoo for gentle and thorough cleansing!


Enjoy Sulfate Free Shampoo (with Cleanse Sensor) gives the hair strength, smoothness, shine, frizz control and volume with incredible manageability. Gently eliminate build-up without stripping color with Cleanse Sensor Technology. Color Safe for all hair types and extremely gentle.  My hairdresser turned me on to this brand when I came in for a haircut and she noticed my hair was becoming dry from all the styling and heat with my flat iron and the use of a volumizing shampoo.  My hair never felt better after using this.  I am now addicted to the whole line! I learned sulfate free surfactants (cleansing agents) gently remove surface build up without stripping color. It may be necessary to shampoo twice if the hair has excessive build up. You will know the hair is clean when you achieve a good lather. Once the shampoo lathers follow with Instant Reconstructor. A clean hair shaft can be reconstructed inside out. A balanced PH of 4.5 to 5.5 and sulfate free cleansers are the key to long lasting color. Your will experience clean easy to style free of build up hair. You will no longer experience bad hair days. Often times individuals whom have had negative reactions to various shampoos (skin irritations, flaking or dry scalp, etc.) will notice those problems subside when using sulfate free shampoo.

Mission Viejo, CA


Enjoy Enjoy Sulfate Free Shampoo (with Cleanse Sensor)

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