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Enhanced Vision
Enhanced Vision - Amigo Portable Magnifier (AMG2-A-BL)

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The Amigo Portable Magnifier: Low Vision's Best Friend


**Enhanced Vision's *Amigo Portable Magnifier  ***is a best friend to anyone suffering from a visual disability, including most commonly macular degeneration.  This item is super lightweight and measures just 6.5" across. One opens it and places it on the text or illustration to be examined and the device magnifies the information according to the user's preference, easily adjusted on the side.  There is also a side button, mode, that one can use to change the reproduction from white-on-black or black-on-white, whichever is easiest to decipher.  This gadget is truly a miracle for the visually disabled. There is also a port wherein one can project the examined image onto a larger television screen.  The Amigo is powered by either an AC power plug-in or one of two included batteries, which allows for its portability.  There are two batteries included along with one battery charger so that one can always be charging.  The battery life of approximately 2 hours each might be the only drawback, however, the alternate battery charges to full volume in less than that time, so one's never left "in the dark" so to speak.

Harrisonburg, VA


Enhanced Vision - Amigo Portable Magnifier (AMG2-A-BL)

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