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Englander Viscopedic Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress

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I finally get out of bed in the am without excruciating lower back pain Comfort I like firm, my husband lkikes soft, and yet...this mattress is perfect for us both! Has an airflow to minimize sweaty feeling. NO ODOR like some matteresses come with! Support Still in excellent shape going on three years of owning it! My husband is a big guy, and no holes that I fall in, has held its shape wonderfully! Firmness Firm enough that when my man rolls over...I dont roll into him! Durability Still like new!


Anchor Point, AK


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The mattress is under three years and has a hole in each side and a hump in the center, very unatractive when the bed is made and uncomfortable to sleep in, it was very expensive and the store that we bought it from went out of business, I do not recomend any one to buy this mattress




Englander, pinglander, polander!


My husband talked me into this mattress, it's a "memory foam" king.  I constantly feel like I'm sweaty, falling off the side.  It's so big and cumbersome, it takes 3 men to move it to another room.  The box springs are OK.  We purchased this mattress to replace a "Queen" which I thought was so nice.  The place that carried this Englander is always going out of business.  I searched on-line and thought it would be a good matress but not anymore.  I cringe when I climb into bed.  And somehow my husband's sweat turns the mattress cover (I put one over the mattress) yellow from the foam, and we had to through out his memory foam pillow since it rotted. I just don't know about this mattress.  I always purchased them from department stores or from furniture stores, never a mattress store.  Plus I think I tried to get a hold of the company, and there was no easy way.  And what are they going to do anyway?  That store is always going out fo business, big signs, messy inside.  Mattresses are such a big expense, so I suggest buyers beware, do thorough homework, sample, two three times.  Talk to friends (that didn't really help since some like numbers, air, water, blah blah blah) and hopefully you can make a good decision.


Downers Grove, IL


Englander Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Tops All Others!


I went into a mattress store to buy a top of the line Sealy Pillowtop Mattress.  That was my intent, but on my way to the Sealy section, I happened upon a mattress line I'd never heard of before - Englander..?  I thought it looked entirely inviting, so I tried it out.  Then I continued on to the mattress I had originally intended to purchase.  Obviously the story doesn't end there, or I wouldn't be writing a review on the Englander Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress.  Okay, after comparing the two (along with a number of other top-of-the-line brands), nothing compared to the comfort, softness and plushness of the Englander mattress top.  I knew I had to have this mattress. It's been over six years since that purchase, and I haven't regretted my decision.  The mattress is still as comfortable today as it was on the first wonderful night of blissful sleep.  And I continue to state that there is no other mattress that compares to this one, and believe me I've been in a LOT of them...I mean, I travel a lot, so obviously I've had a lot of experience in sleeping in different beds.  I can't stress how comfortable the Englander is, other than to say that the only comfortable sleep I have is when I'm at home in my own bed with my Englander mattress.  I do agree with the commenters who say that this is a heavy mattress, and it's true - it's an unfortunate thing that this mattress is not easy to carry...okay, who is actually lugging their mattress around?!  Also, I couldn't believe when I started this review that the mattress only had 4 out of 5 stars - I couldn't imagine a more deserving five-star mattress than this one.  Of course, we are all subjective creatures, but I would certainly recommend this mattress to anyone pursuing an enjoyable sleeping experience. 


West Jefferson, OH


Englander Viscopedic Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress

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