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Englander Nature's Finest Latex Mattress

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Love/Hate Relationship


I have a serious love/ hate relationship with our Englander latex mattress. We wanted the top of the line and I did lots of research before deciding to purchase this mattress. We loved it at first, then the horrible body impressions began. My husband and I are small people. My husband's hole is large and continues to grow! Mine is less large, but still there and uncomfortable nonetheless. The worst part of all is that my mattress retailer went out of business. The good news and only reason why I give it a 6/10 is due to the customer service. I will update my review if they don't come through with fixing the problem with my mattress. I still love my bed more than any other bed I have slept on. I stay cool compared to memory foam, which gets very hot. The one super big hassle is the weight of the mattress! It is super difficult to make the bed and it took three grown men to get it up to our room. I hope Englander comes through!

Upland, CA


Not Pleased At All


We bought our bed thinking it would last us a good ten years or more. We were told that it's very durable and keeps its firmness, which is great because my hubby and i both like our bed very firm. This bed was great for about 1 year and then it got this huge hole on my hubby's side. He is heavier than me, but it shouldn't have made this big hole on his side. Since we've done a little research i guess you are suppose to move your mattress every 6 months for the first year, we of course were never told to do this. we looked to call the store we bought it from and they went out of business. i would not recommend buying this bed if you don't like a bumpy uneven bed.

Portland, OR


Highly Dissatisfied with product


I have never taken the time to post a review however I felt compelled in this case. This is the worst mattress I've ever purchased. I've only bought three in my lifetime. I am a 42 year old otherwise healthy person whose had no back pains until now. I purchased this mattress in July. About 6 weeks after sleeping on it, I noticed increasing back pain and poor sleep. I decided to support this Chicago based business because I wanted to support a more local business. What a waste of money!!!!



Englander Latex Dream Cushion


My story starts the same as many others, expensive but worth every penny, until.......My matress is only 5 years old and wish I could run it over, throw it over a cliff and burn it to make sure no other has to suffer. It started out fantastic and I even looked forward to bedtime but over time the body impressions just got worse, so bad that I'd rather sleep on the couch. This mattress is suppposed to have a 20 year warrenty, great right?....NOT!.....To initiate a claim your mattress has to be in pristine condition, no stains of any sort. The things I buy,...well.... I like to use, so Im sorry if I drank a cup of coffe and spilled a little, or the fact that sometimes biological processes happen for women every month, nontheless, small stains I think really dont affect poor worksmanship and quality of product. So no matter how well you protect your mattress something is bound to get through. I am not talking large stains here, just little ones. Now that I have no warranty claim and a mattress with a black hole vortex in it i started looking for answers and guess what? I didnt find any. The only advise I found was to cut off the pillow top for the impressions were only in the topper not the latex. Makes sense, but did I really want to do that? Many more miserable nights to come and 8 months later i finally decided to cut it off, heres what i found.......... As i was removeing the topper, specifically the label portion I discovered that the mattress was relabeled, first thing to mind was WTF??.....thats right, my mattress had two labels. On the top it read Latex Dream cushion and the bottom label read Naturally Grandeur Latex. What does this mean I asked myself? I was defrauded, thats what that means. it doesnt matter if by chance Englander had a product name change because as I removed the rest of the topper and had a chance to actually look at the latex I realized i was sold something that was completely different than what I looked at. What consumer would know? After all how many people cut thier mattress to see whats inside. Back to the time i was in the showroom i pondered the cost of this thing and really couldnt justfy the price because a mattress is a mattress and they all eventually sag. Thats when I asked the salesman if he had a sample of the latex that was inside the mattress. Sure enough he did and it was also labeled Latex dream cushion. i took a good hard look at this stuff and you could tell it was of quality, good and sturdy. This is what sold me. Anyway, after examining what i actually had, the two werent even close to being the same. How angry would you be? Englander is supposed to be a great mattress, to bad they dont take true pride in their products. I will never buy another mattress from them and I will do my best to keep as many people as I can from supporting such a dishonest company. Makes me wonder how many other people are in the same boat and just dont know it........ Comfort Great at first then a rapid decline. Support Great at first, then very dissappointing over time. Firmness It was perfect......when I first bought it. Durability Great,......so I thought......I was defrauded at time of purchase.

Hendersonville, NC


Englander Latex Mattress stands the test of time.


My husband and I bought an Englander Latex mattress over five years ago when we were first married. The mattress cost us more than my engagement ring!! We were thrilled and hoping it would be worth the money. It definitely was! In fact, the mattress seems to have gotten better with time. We rotate it when we remember and my husband and I have our dedicated sides that we sleep on but it doesn't seem to make any difference to the mattress - it feels fantastic whichever side you are on. The only con I have is that fabric of the mattress cover tends to stick to the mattress pads/sheets and then when I remove them the cover pulls away from the mattress itself. I just smooth it out and carry on, no big deal. I'd buy another Englander Latex mattress in a heartbeat - but the way this one is wearing I won't need to worry about that for a long time.

Kingston, WA


We like our Englander mattress


We like our Englander latex mattress.   We just bought our mattress as a gift for each other this past Christmas, so we have don't have an extended time of review.  So far, we really like our mattress.  We like the fact that it is hypo-allergenic, which really helps out with our allergy tendencies.  Our Englander mattress is very comfortable.  It seems like the longer you are in the bed the more comfortable it gets.  My husband says he has never slept better in his life.  I would like the mattress to be a little firmer.  However, I never have any trouble sleeping.  Our natural latex mattress has the latex on both sides of the mattress.  We actually flip this mattress, but we felt that we would be able to get more use out of the mattress.  The price of this mattress was a great value for the quality of mattress that we purchased.  We are glad that we bought the Englander mattress and we look forward to many restful nights in the years ahead.

Cherokee Village, AR


We love our mattress even after 3 years!


  We bought a Natures Finest pillow top with Laytex and a bamboo cover about 3 years ago. It is a dream to sleep on. It doesn't sag anywhere unlike other beds we have purchased in the past whose pillow tops have huge body impressions after 6 months or less.             Englander seems to be the brand to beat, setting the benchmark in quality and value. We did a lot of research and actual shopping before we settled on this mattress. It supports me better than anything I have ever slept on and really helps reduce movement from side to side. Even when I do my patented bed dive, my wife says she cane barely feel any movement.             We wouldn't trade for anything and are very happy with our choice. The only down side is now when we go on vacations, even in the nicer hotels you just cant get a good nights sleep on their inferior mattresses. You spend the entire vacation wishing you had an Englander mattress to sleep on just like the one at home.

Johnson City, TN


Guests love their Sleepover Bed


We bought an Englander mattress for ourselves a number of years ago.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to upgrade our then high school aged son's mattress to help support his growing back.  We chose this set because our son has multiple allergies.  It was advertised as hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.  Lying on the pillow-top mattress is so comfortable he never seemed to want to get out of bed.  [We thought it was just because he was a teenager!]After our son left home the mattress [only 1 1/2 year old] was put in the guest room.  We have had several guests that have asked what kind of mattress they'd slept on and mentioned it was one of the best nights sleep they'd had in a while.The mattress is very deep and finding sheets to fit it can be hard.  For a better fit make sure you buy deep pocket sheets.  Read my review on [Waverly Deep Pocket Sheets][1] .  [][2] **Company Supplied Details: ** 100% natural rubber Latex. Rubber provides superior orthopedic support that helps reduce pressure points by approximately 90%. The mattress has greater durability, resiliency and breathability. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Waverly-deep-pocket-Flannel-Sheets-review-d9011 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Waverly-deep-pocket-Flannel-Sheets-review-d9011

Northern, FL


Englander Nature's Finest Latex Mattress

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