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Enforcer Drain Care professional Build-Up Remover

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Drain Care Environment's Safe,Battles Build-Up, Protects Septic


Many build-up removers are not environmentally safe; filled with acids to do the job. Drain Care may not deal with clogs, but it uses enzymes to clear pipes when your drains start to run slow. It takes three treatments (one each day) to clear a slow drain. Sinks, tubs and shower drains benefit from regular treatments with drain care. Use it in toilets, garbage disposals, RVs, grease traps in restaurants, and septic tanks. You'll need warm water in a container to activate the enzymes. Fiollow the directions to determine the appropriate amount of water and Drain Care to use for the job. We've used this product for ten years for our septic tank. We treat it by flushing the Drain Care Solution ddown the toilet, and letting the system rest for six to eight hours.This treatment goes in once a month to keep things running well. We haven't needed to have a truck out to pump the system yet, so I firmly believe this product works. When we treat a slow drain, we also treat our septic at the same time! This product may cause allergic response or eye irritation in some people. Avoid exposing your skin to the enzyme solution, but if you splash it on accidentally, just wash with soap and water. Drain Care works well, is easy to use, and safe for the environment.

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Enforcer Drain Care professional Build-Up Remover

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