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Enfamil Tri-Vi-Sol Vitamins A, C & D Supplement Drops

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Childrens Vitamins That are Easy to Give


In the last few years studies have found that children are not getting enough of a few vitamins, and while this is not life threatening it is something that I want to make sure I try to fix so my baby has the best chances of being healthy through his life. At 2 months I started to give my son vitamin drops and was very happy with how easy it was to administer. The dropper has the measurements on the site and is easy to suck up into it so it is measured correctly. The flavor is apparently good as well, since my son seems to really enjoy taking his vitamins. My biggest issue is remembering to give it daily. There is no mess and little fuss with the Enfamil vitamin drops. Enfamil is a trusted name as well that I have no problems giving to my child. I know their brand is going to be safe to give my child. I recommend this to anyone with children who wishes to make every effort possible to keep them healthy for life.



Not the greatest vitamins


When my kids were first born our doctor recommended these vitamins (even though I was strictly breastfeeding). My kids actually didn't mind the taste of these vitamins and took them without any problems. I tasted theses and they taste horrible. I would not take them. I would recommend going with just a vitamin D for your child instead of also the vitamin A and C as these contain. It's nice that these liquid vitamins come with a dropper so it's easy to measure how much liquid to give your child. However, the ingredients in these vitamins aren't the best. :/ These vitamins contain polysorbate 80 which can have adverse side effects. These vitamins also contain artificial flavors and caramel color-- neither of which are safe. Look for organic vitamins that use natural flavors and colors. Remember that when you take vitamins you are getting more than just the vitamins. You're getting preservatives and stabilizers too if you choose conventional vitamins.

Greenville, SC


A good vitamin for babies, doctor recommended!


My doctor is really into preventative health, and strongly suggests vitamin D3 for myself and for my granddaughter. She said that D3 specifically is the natural form of vitamin D and to look for that. Enfamil Tri Vi Sol contains D3, which is essential for us in particular since we live in a northern climate with very little winter sun. Our doctor also explained that vitamin D3 is good for the immune system. She said most cancer patients are found to be low in this vital nutrient. There is a dropper included in the box so giving these vitamins are easy, provided your baby likes the taste, and our baby loves them. If your baby doesn't like the flavor they can always be added to their food or drinks. They also contain vitamins A and C, also good for the immune system. The cap is child proof and is easy to remove when you push it down and turn it at the same time. I have arthritis in my hands and can't remove many child safe lids, so I like how easy this one is to deal with. These vitamins can be given to babies up to the age of 4, but as she gets older we'll look for a good chewable vitamin instead.

Eagle River, AK


Vitamins she needs, with none that she doesn't.


When my breastfeeding daughter began to need a supplemental vitamin, I gave her the Enfamil Poly Vi Sol. This did not go well. It smelled horrible, and she spit out most of it. I was also concerned that she didn't need any of the vitamins or minerals *except *vitamin D. Poly Vi Sol seemed like overkill to me. After two disastrous doses, I asked my pediatrician about it during our next well visit. She recommended ***Enfamil *Tri *Vi Sol***, which only contains **vitamins A, C, and D**. The vitamin D is all that pediatricians recommend for breastfeeding babies. What a difference this formula made with my daughter! It was lighter, and didn't choke her like the very thick Poly Vi Sol. She seems to tolerate the taste well. We're also not overloading her with unneeded vitamins, or constipating her with unneeded iron. I highly recommend this vitamin formulation to all breastfeeding mothers. It is everything your baby needs, with nothing she doesn't. Plus, if you have concerns about choking on thicker formulas, this can help to alleviate those fears. I will continue to feed this to my little girl with confidence.

Durham, NC


Enfamil Tri Vi Sol Vitamin With Dropper was good for my son


I was given Enfamil Tri Vi Sol Vitamin With Dropper while I was in the hospital with my newborn son. It came in a package handed to me by a lactation consultant. She informed me it would help fill in any gaps that might not be fully filled in by me and my diet since I was nursing my newborn. It made sense to me, if I give my older children vitamins to help them stay healthy and receive everything they need why not a newborn too. SInce it is liquid it is easy to give to them. I never had any problem with getting him to take the vitamin drops and he never even wrinkled up his nose, so I am assuming he thought it was okay to the taste. I can't prove it helped him not get sick or anything but I enjoyed a very helathy newborn who never had a cold or ear infections or the like until he was more than a year old.

Danville, VA


This vitamin has kept my son healthy.


I started my son on the Enfamil Tri-Vi-Sol shortly after he was born, on the recommendation of my pediatrician. It was recommended that this is a way for infants who are breastfed to get the needed Vitamin D that they tend to not get enough of. (Formula babies get it through the vitamins added in the formula). I think this is a wonderful multivitamin and was so easy to give - one dropperful once a day. It had a nice fruity scent and my son always loved to take it. He took it for the entire first year of his life, and then moved up to the Poly-Vi-Sol. The multivitamin comes in both a "regular" and a "with iron" version. We used the regular version, since that is what was recommended to us and it worked for us. I believe that this multivitamin helped keep my son healthy and on track with his growth and development. During his entire first year, he never had a cold or any health issue. He was a good eater, but I think the vitamin just made sure that all the needed vitamins (A, C, D) were there, just in case he wasn't getting enough through the milk.  

Grandville, MI


The Enfamil Tri Vi Sol is really not that great.


I breastfed both of my daughters, am still breastfeeding my youngest (18months old) and my pediatrician recommended that I supplement with this.   The taste was okay, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it was unnecessary!   My family and I eat very healthfully.  Whole grains, veggies, good meat, good fats, and supplementing with trusted vitamins/minerals as needed.  I felt like the lab-created 'vitamin' in this solution was not really helping her all that much, and because it is the same vitamin D added to milk, is actually toxic to the body.    We began feeding homemade brown rice cereal when she needed it at 5 months (was recommended to at 4 months) and from there quickly added whole vegetables, barely cooked and pureed by me in our blender.  I purchase a child's multivitamin derived from all plant/animal sources, with no lab-created compounds in it and is safe to supplement when I feel my two children need a little extra.  So to me, this was not worth the money.  It was helpful to try, but I would not buy next time.

Shawnee, OK


Enfamil Tri Vi Sol is well liked by babies


  Enfamil Tri Vi Sol Vitamins are great for babies and well liked. My pediatrician suggested to me that I should start giving my baby these vitamins early on as they will help her and she will soon get used to them. My baby is a bit fussy about eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, and we do not go out in the sun much, so I am afraid that I she is not getting her regular required nutrition. I therefore started giving her the vitamin, Enfamil Tri Vi Sol and now I feel relaxed to know I am giving her the regular required nutrition. I give it in the morning when we wake up with breakfast and she happily takes it so I think she likes the taste. She is very active all day. This vitamin is not very expensive and lasts a long time. Once she gets to toddler stage we can switch over to Poly Vi Sol, per her pediatrician. I am very satisfied with this product, and recommend it to everyone with babies.

East Brunswick, NJ


Tri Vi Sol must be ok- baby liked it


My doctor recommended this vitamin drop for my breastfeeding son. I liked that it was easily available at our local drugstore. It was over-the-counter and not all that pricey. Sometimes, you can find coupons for it. My son needed the vitamin D but it also has other vitamins that are good for him as he grows. The biggest obstacle for many new parents is "will my child ingest it or spit it out?" My son had no problems taking this vitamin. The dropper is convenient for putting into bottles or straight into the babies mouth. The liquid form is very child friendly. The taste must be ok or my son would let us know. He doesn't make any faces when we give it to him and he has never spit it out. I like that it is made by a reputable baby formula company. It is hard to know what is safe for babies and this fact gave me some peace of mind. I will continue to give my son this vitamin for awhile because he likes it and I feel good about giving it to him.

Avon, NY


Enfamil Tri-Vi-Sol Vitamins A, C & D Supplement Drops

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