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Milk-Based Formula, Special Needs Formula
Enfamil Nutramigen AA Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

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Best Hypoallergenic Formula!


I tried so many different formulas for my baby, who has a lot of trouble with spitting up, gas and extreme fussiness.  **Enfamil Nutramigen Lipil Iron Fortified Hypoallergenic Infant formula **was the only formula that helped her!  Within days we saw an improvement in the amount she spit up, and she is so much less gassy and fussy.  It continued to improve for the next several weeks.  She now gas no trouble with gas at all, she's considerably less fussy and she rarely spits up! The only downsides to** Enfamil Nutramigen Lipil Iron Fortified Hypoallergenic Infant formula **is that my baby did not care for the taste at first.  She eventually got used to it, but rejected several bottles initially.  it is also very expensive compared to regular formula. Overall it is completely worth the high price tag because of all the benefits to my daughter.  I highly recommend **Enfamil Nutramigen Lipil Iron Fortified Hypoallergenic Infant formula** to anyone whose baby has a milk allergy.

Bomoseen, VT


Finally found a great formula


After trying close to a dozen different formula's, we decided to give Nutramigen a try and it was great. Both of my girls suffered from reflux and it definitely got better after being on this formula for a few weeks. While they still spit up, it drastically improved their colic. I can't even begin to mention all the other formulas we had tried, including soy and nothing worked like the nutramigen. We had even tried the Similac that is comparable to the nutramigen and it didn't help them with their tummies and reflux. While it is more expensive than other formulas that we tried, it is worth every penny since it made my girls feel so much better. The smell is terrible and when they did spit it up, it was awful...but hey, it worked and helped them feel so much better so none of that even matters lol. I would strongly suggest giving Nutramigen a try if you have tried other formulas for your little one and it isn't helping them. Oh, and if you're doctor tells you to give it a try, call your insurance companies. Some of them will actually cover it if it is prescribed by a doctor. We were amazed that it was covered and boy did it help! Great formula, great product. Definitely recommend!

Pomona, NY


Enfamil Nutramigen AA Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

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