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Enfamil Expecta LIPIL DHA Supplement.

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Good non-fish source of DHA!


I have taken this DHA supplement throughout both my pregnancy and breastfeeding my baby. I prefer this DHA supplement for a number of reasons. DHA is touted to help strengthen both eye and brain development of babies, so both my OBGYN and my child's Pediatrician recommended that I take a supplement. However, my main concern for taking DHA was the source. Just like you are not allowed to eat certain types of fish while pregnant or nursing, because of mercury levels, I was concerned about the mercury levels in DHA supplements. Most DHA supplements come from fish based sources and I have read reports that some of the cheaper or lower end brands have tested high for mercury. I like that this DHA is from a vegetarian source, so I do not have to worry quite as much. My only complaint is that the dosage recommendation on the box is not as high as doctor's recommend.

Houston, TX


Expecta supplements are a must have for every mom-to-be!


When I was pregnant, my doctor recommended that I take a DHA supplement in addition to regular prenatal vitamins. As many people know, DHA is an important nutrient that supports a fetus's brain and eye development, so I felt it was vital to take. I decided to use Enfamil Expecta supplements. I often use generic supplements for myself, but for my pregnancy I wanted to make sure I had the very best, so I went with the brand name. Perhaps generic DHA is just as good; I can't say because I never tried it. I took these supplements throughout my pregnancy and had no problems with them. The softgels are extremely easy to take; they slide down smoothly and have a slightly sweet taste. I found them so easy to swallow that I could take them without water if necessary. That made it easy to take them on the go. Now as for the end results...I cannot say how my daughter would have turned out without DHA supplements. However, I have an extremely bright 23-month-old with a vocabulary of over 70 words, so if Expecta helped with that even a little bit, it was totally worth it. In my opinion, DHA supplements are a very easy step to take and scientifically proven to assist with a baby's brain and eye development, so every mom-to-be should take them. 

Mundelein, IL


Sweet like licorice


The product is a infant formula for new parents.  The product was manageable and affordable.  Enfamil is currently used by many moms during their first pregnancy.  The formula contains vitamins and nutrients to support the baby during gowth and     development of infancy.  The product is good for a household of expectant moms.  The product also comes with easy to follow instructions and easy to store unused contents.  I highly recommend the product to moms who are planning their pregnancy because the product is a good product to use and buy during this time.  Enfamil is good for the baby because their is reduced worry of colic and gas that can develop with the use of infant formula.  Enfamil is also a good product because the formula is light on the baby's stomach.  The product is good for the household that is planning to bring their baby into  the world with ultimate care of the first choices, including baby formula.  I recommend this product and rate it on a 5-point scale as one of the best products in stores.

Atlanta, GA


Expecta DHA Supplement is important for every nursing mother


I started using this supplement at 10 weeks pregant and still use it while breast feeding my now seven month old.  It is important to get DHA in your diet when you are exclusively breast feeding.  This supplement has been shown to increase brain development in babies and increase eye sight.  There is no way, unless you are eating tons of fish that you are getting all the DHA you need in your diet alone.  This is the only supplement out there that is exclusively DHA and is sold in national retail stores that I have found.  It is VERY expensive, you almost feel like you should just pay for formula with DHA already in it., but for me, it is worth it for the valuable effects since i have chosen to breast feed.  You can get a free sample from your doctor when pregnant.  It is an easy to take gel pill and each comes individually packaged.  My only critisism is that there are rarely coupons available. I wish there was more opportunity to get coupons on this item.

Green River, WY


Work Well


This are too expensive IMO! If you take any other Omega 3 product it'll be just as good but way cheaper. Just go more natural in your choice. But do take a DHA supplement while pregnant its good for the baby and you could take it with at the same time you take your prenatal. Do it for you baby while your pregnant or breastfeeding.

Los Angeles, CA


Enfamil Expecta LIPIL DHA Supplement.

4.4 5