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Soy-Based Formula, Toddler Formula
Enfamil Enfagrow Soy Toddler Milk Drink

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Enfamil Enfagrow Soy is not too bad!


Now that my daughter is 18 months old we have switched to this formula, the Enfamil Enfagrow Premium Lipil Soy Powder.  I am not ready yet to give up the night time bottle and feel that using the formula gives us more nutrition than having her just drink (soy) milk all day.  I don't give her any milk products so we buy just the soy version.  In comparing this to other brands it seems to have all essential vitamins and minerals that she needs at her age.  I also think it is important to go with brands that have been around for awhile even though I would have liked to go with organic only. I only have two complaints about the Enfamil Enfagrow Premium Lipil Soy Powder.  One problem that I frequently run into is that it is very hard to find in stores.  I have gone to 3 targets and 2 walgreens before being able to find it.  It always looks like the formula isles have been plundered.  It is also hard to find it online with Target being pretty much the only place to order it from. My other complaint is minor but I can't stand the smell.  When my daughter is done with the bottle, I hate washing it out because of that smell!

Waltham, MA


The only Formula my daughter will drink


Enfamil Next Step Soy is the only formula that my daughter will drink! She's allergic to milk and I have tried everything out there, Finally I have found something that she will drink and loves! It's a great price as well!

Sandy, UT


This is a great product for an older child who is on formula


My daughter has used Enfamil Prosobee since she was an infant.  Now, that she's a toddler and not liking whole milk, this product is great for her to get her milk intake in.  She loves it, and looks forward to having her milk.

Chaska, MN


Enfamil Enfagrow Soy Toddler Milk Drink

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