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Toddler Formula
Enfamil Enfagrow Gentlease Toddler Milk Drink

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Enfamily Enfagrow Gentlease great for on the go


When I first heard of "toddler" formula, I assumed it was just another money maker by the formula companies. However, I quickly changed my tune. I have 13mth old twins and my son cannot tolerate regular whole milk yet. It was recommended to us to start using the Enfamil Enfagrow Gentlease and mix with Lactaid for a slow transition. This worked quite well. He seems to like the taste and it was well tolerated on his sensitive stomach. I also find it extremely helpful to bring with us when we are out. I have not found a restaurant that sells Lactaid milk, and I have not found it in individual servings at stores either. So in order for my son to have milk when we are out, I would need to pack a cooler (we have enough to haul with twins) or simply pack the Enfagrow powder and some water. Perfect solution for us. He gets the nutrition he needs and it is ready to go. I also like that it has DHA, which regular milk and esp Lactaid does not. We will definitely continue to use.

North Port, FL


Great Formula for Sensitive Tummies


Although I breastfed my daughter for the first 9 months, I learned early on that she was allergic to milk. Once I started her on formula the doctor recommended some really expensive formula for me to use for her, but a co-worker suggested that I try the Enfamil Gentlease Enfagrow formula first.  My daughter has been using this formula for almost a year and It has worked out very well.  In addition to the original flavor it is also avaialble in two additional flavors, chocalate and vanilla. I have not tried them,  You can use the fomula until your child is 36 months old. My daughter is still unable to  drink milk, so I anticpate using this fomula until she outgrows her milk allergies.  I am truly grateful that there is a Toddler formula designed for sensitive stomachs and that it can be used for such a long time. I would recommend this product to any parent who has a toddler that spits up a lot, has milk allergies, or just  has a sensitve stomach.

Detroit, MI


Helpful bridge from formula to milk in a sippy


With my 3rd child reaching a year old and no longer either nursing or needing infant formula, I thought it'd be an easy switch to sippy cups of milk, as it had been for our older 2. But I underestimated this child's love of his formula bottle at nighttime. This next step formula is a great bridge because it maintains the routine (and flavor) of the formula baby is used to, while being something you can serve in a sippy to encourage giving up the bottle. One major complaint I have is that it's not as easy to mix as infant formula. We have to be really careful to get out all the clumps before handing the cup over to the baby, which takes a lot more shaking or mixing than the original gentle ease formula. If you're using a stick blender or mixing pitcher it's not so bad, but trying to mix the formula in a sippy cup by aking it isn't as easy as I would wish it was. One major plus is that it's chock-full of all the nutrients and vitamins that we're used to in infant formula, which is so much healthier for the little guys than plain milk. We've been splitting his sippy between a half milk/half formula mixture before bed and it's working really well to get him away from the bottle.

Omaha, NE


Ok. Seems unnessary.


I received a free can of this in the mail the day AFTER my third daughter weaned from nursing.  As she wasn't quite yet a full year (a few weeks shy), I thought I'd give it a try since she wasn't "supposed" to be drinking whole milk yet.  I read the instructions about mixing with water and gave it a try.  My daughter made awful faces and had zero interest. I tried a sip and I don't blame her... ick!  I didn't have any stored breastmilk and she was so close to a year I decided to try the mix with whole milk.... she was slow warming up to it but did drink it.  When we finished the can and she went to drinking just whole milk, she wolfed it down and LOVED the whole milk.  I can only assume she still didn't much care for the taste of the formula thought she was a good sport.  Considering she didn't love it, formula is expensive, and I don't really think the extra stuff in the formula is "necessary" now that she's eating solids, I elected not to buy any now that she's done with the sample.

Idaho Falls, ID


Cheap but a little clumpy


I started to use this formula when my son was 9 months old and was impressed with the price but was disappointed with the quality. I had 3 issues. The powder was too thin and was difficult to scoop out of the box making it very messy. The formula was clumpy. It actually didn't really do well with my son's stomach. It was inexpensive. I bought it for a try but this didn't work for me.

Vernon Hills, IL


This formula is very difficult to prepare.


I recently bought this formula and was very disappointed.  The powder was difficult at best to get out of the scoop without making an absolute mess.  I have 4 children who make big messes on their own.  I have been making powder formula for over 10 years and have never had such an unruly product.  The formula clumped with added water and never unclumped (no matter how hard we shook the bottle).  It stuck to everything when it didn't make it into the bottle. What a disaster.

Saint Augustine, FL


Enfamil Enfagrow Gentlease Toddler Milk Drink

3.3 6