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Energy Sheets
Energy Sheets Dissolvable Strips Dietary Supplement

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The best eneegy supplemnt.


These work amazing. As a parent that worked the graveyard, I was sleeping 3 to 5 hours and these sheets tave me so much energy and alertness but not in a jittery way.



Not Appealing


I bought these on sale thinking they would be a good alternative to drinking energy drinks. I am a college student and often must stay up late doing homework, and therefore drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks. I assumed these strips would be similar to Listerine dissolving strips, however that was not the case. The strip is less film-like and just thicker in general. This makes it take longer to get it out of your mouth, which is worsened by the flavor. I chose a berry flavor and it was pretty horrendous. It had more of a chemical flavor than anything else and was pretty revolting. After all that, I still did not feel the effects as promised on the packaging. Unfortunately, this product was disappointing in every way to me.



Easy way to get added energy with Energy Sheets Supplement


I bought the Energy Sheets Dissolvable Strips Dietary Supplement, as I have liked using their other 'Sheets' products. They come in a box of 10, and are individually wrapped. The flavor I have is mint boost. They have zero calories, and sugar. They are in a shiny silver sleeve, which you pull apart. The size of the sheet is one and a half inches x one inch. The sheet is bright green, and has a minty smell to it. You just pop it on your tongue and it dissolves. That's it. It states to take 1 -3 sheets depending how much energy you need. It is not suggested that you have more than 4 sheets in a 3 hour period. The strength of the energy in the sheets is that 2 contain the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. As well as caffeine they have Vitamin E, B6, B12, Biotin, and B5. I will only use one on a morning when I have had a bad night's sleep. This will allow me to be alert much quicker. I really don't like taking energy products too often. Effectiveness Feel energized. Side Effects With 1 I have no side effects. I haven't tried more, so cannot say.

New Port Richey, FL


Energy Sheets Dissolvable Strips Dietary Supplement

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