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Endust for Electronics

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Endust for Electronics is basically meant to be used on electronics that attract a lot of dust such a computer screens or TV's. This is supposed to help remove static and remove finger prints from surfaces. It doesn't quite live up to it's claims. Plus, it has a TON of warnings on the can which make me a little suspicious. The product smells pretty good, kind of clean smelling. You also only need a little bit of the product for cleaning, so keep that in mind. I sprayed a little bit of the product on a lint free rag and wipes down my laptop screen. It did clean my screen fairly well but also left it very streaky. I tried using it again in hopes that it would get rid of the streaks but that didn't happen. It also does nothing for removing or preventing static. There are a lot of warning on the can. Keep away from children, don't get on your skin, be careful about inhaling, don't shake near face, etc. I expect warnings to be on cleaning products but this one really had a lot of them. No thank you. I don't really recommend this product. It cleans well but leaves streaks. It also has way more warning on it when compared to other cleaning products.



Endust For Electronics Does Not Live Up To Its Claims


Endust for Electronics is a below average product because it does not work like it said. It has an anti-static formula, which is supposed to prevent the accumulation of static-charges. I think it does a fair job on that. It does a pretty good job of removing fingerprints. It is suppose to remove dust from electronics as well. However, when it removes the dust, it accumulates so much of the dust; you end up placing the dust right back on the electronics. I like the fact that it is alcohol and ammonia free. It is supposed to leave electronics streak-free, but I see streaks after applying it. The scent is light, airy and clean smelling. The texture of it is average, but a little bit goes a long way. You get a fair amount in the aerosol container it comes in. It is safe for many external surfaces. It works on tablets, smart-phones, printers and monitors. You can use it on your television, fax machines, gaming systems, keyboards and your mouse. You can use it on a lot of other things too. It comes in a bright container with big writing on it. The price is too high for the way it works, but on sale, it is a fair. Overall, it does a below average job on electronics. Therefore, I can not recommend it.

Stockton, CA


Endust for Electronics is great


I used my laptop every day and my laptop always gather dust. I had been wiping my laptop several times, but dust will keep oncoming. When I saw Endust for Electronics, I want to give it a try. The product is great and I rarely see dust. It also prevent and reduces static. My hands and feets feel numb due to static from electronics and furnitures/clothing with too much fabrics. I did not feel any statics after I used Endust for Electronics. I read that Endust could be a problem. Endust may not be suitable for all LCD and Plasma Screen, so I stayed away from using this spray on these type of screens. I sprayed it on my laptop, computers, mouses, keyboards, and my cellphone. I don't wipe as much anymore, and I am happy they are static-free.

Long Beach, CA


Endust for Electronics Renews our Monitors


Every once in awhile I get on a dusting kick.  Everything gets dusted--furniture, plant leaves, knick knacks.  You know, I dust like we dusted every week when I was a kid.  During these dusting frenzies, I not only pull out my regular dusting spray, but also my Endust for Electronics product.  Somehow our keyboards and monitors gather dust to beat the band.  Of course, using a furniture polish with wood conditioners is not something you would want to use on a plastic keyboard or a monitor screen.  The Endust for Electronics product works great for this purpose.  I do not spray the product directly on my computer and/or television screen, but onto a dust cloth, then wipe off that pesky dust.  Endust for Electronics not only wipes away the dust, but it generally cleans the area and does not leave streaks.  I use it on my laptop, my husband's desktop, our flat screen HDTV, and our old school CRT TV.  This has been a great product for cleaning all my electronics.

Jenks, OK


Contents Harmful, Do Not Recommend for Families With Children


Every once in a while, my husband will see something go on sale at his work and think of me.  He works in an appliance store and is well aware how important my computer and it's accesNevsories are to me.  One day he brought home Endust for Electronic's Duster which I used on my laptop screen and keyboard.  Honestly, it really did not clean up that well.  My concern was the number of warnings on the label.  Although my children are adults, I have a lot of grandchildren that come over to visit.  I have the can hidden out of their reach.  Here is what it reads under CAUTION:  Vapor harmful (safety bitterant added to discourage inhalant abuse); Avoid skin contact; Always use with adequate ventilation; Never shake or tilt can during useage; Never use on camera mirrors; Never use near a potential ignition source and there is much more listed.  I got so upset reading all the not to do's that I decided to throw the can away.   I don't even want it in the house.  Pretty sad when there is more written on the can about warnings than how to properly use.  Goodbye Endust!

Fort Gratiot, MI


Endust for Electronics

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