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Packing Tape
Empire Industries
Empire Industries Packaging Tape

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I manage a shipping/receiving department in Portland, Oregon and was gone on medical leave and when I got back I was asked by accounting if it was normal to pay $489 for packaging tape and obviously I said NO!!! I have had three guys work for me out in my department in the last seven years and two of them were conned into getting tape from these guys and Delta, even though no purchase order was issued and they werent authorized to order they said ok because whoever called from Empire acted like they were our supplier. We had to fight with them both times even after multiple phone calls and VERY to the point letters, but they finally caved in and took their CRAPPY & small rolls (8 dozen) of tape back. This time they charged $4.75 a roll for a roll half the size of a normal roll of tape and then charged me $40 to ship it UPS Ground from California to Oregon. I have tried calling them multiple times again with no response and then just sent them another ANGRY letter with the tape saying once again not to call or send us anything ever again and they refused everything and sent it back to me. So once again it looks like another fight is brewing. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE GUYS, IT'S A TOTAL RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Portland, OR


Packaging Tape


Got this tape at less than half the price of my old tape. It is half the length but I still end up saving a few pennies on two of these over one of my old rolls. I will just let the savings add up and buy my lunch next week. 8)

Beverly Hills, CA




They sent me the wrong order. I called them to have it corrected, and it took a whole day before they called me back. Once I got their customer service person the phone, they did send me the right order, and paid shipping for me. They sent a mailing label for the wrong merchandise, so I had free shipping on everything. They did fix the mistake within a reasonable time frame, so I guess I can't complain too much about that.

Philadelphia, PA




I have come to find out that Empire Industries and Delta Shipping Supplies are one in the same company. They still have the same owner, Robert Levit, and the same customer service person, Maria Alvarado. They used to be in Pasadena, then in North Hollywood, and now they are in Sherman Oaks (all locations in CA) Unbelievable!!! I think they have it in their head if they change the name and address enough times, people won't figure out they are the very same scammers as before. In our complaint to the BBB, we told them how a sales rep from Delta (coincidentally named Bob so I think it was the owner himself) sent our warehouse supervisor HUNDREDS of dollars to place unwanted and unnecessary orders. They have about 350 complaints on the BBB site (combined). Still, they haven't been shut down. I researched all this when, more recently, our sister company ended up with unwanted tape from Empire in exactly the same way. Of course our sister company had no idea it had already happened to us a year or so ago, but when the business office checked it all out, well, we knew we had to research the issue further and find out the truth. Delta and Empire are one in the same. They are nothing but a HUGE SCAM! And the owner, ROBERT LEVIT, is the biggest SCAMMER of them all! HANG UP THE PHONE IF YOU HEAR EMPIRE INDUSTRIES OR DELTA SHIPPING SUPPLIES ON THE OTHER END OF THE LINE!

Daly City, CA


Empire Industries Should be Avoided!


I guess I can't give them a zero.... Warm your employees about this company! They will get somebody on the phone and tell them they need to confirm an address for the tape order they have. They never talk to the person responsible for placing the orders. They may also offer free items to hook them. The tape costs 4.75 and is crap.  Don't pay the bill, tell them you want a call tag for the stuff... Bordering on criminal!

West Chester, PA


100% SCAM


Empire Industries, Inc. is a SCAM!!!!!!!  They called and offered a free box of chocolates and a Starbucks gift certificate for being such a great customer.  They represented themselves as a current vendor of company.  Which was a total lie.  Now we have 8dz. rolls of packing tape.  This was never authorized by us.  And they want us to pay to have it shipped back to them.  As far as I'm concerned if they want their tape back they can come get it.  Stay away from this company.

Chantilly, VA


Empire is a nightmare- BEWARE!


They are Delta shipping supplies.  They call up and act like they are your regular supplier with a promotion.  They send out 8 dozen rolls of this clear tape that is so cheesy it has ripples and bubbles all through it.  They are small rolls too.  Then they charge you 4.75 a roll!!!!  The Invoice is $499.66 for tape that isn't even worth .99 cents a roll!  We get better tape from Uine for 1.85 a roll. There is only one phone # on the invoice which is suppose to be customer service.  It's not.  It's a machine.  You leave your name and number and nobody ever calls you back.  The invoice states you can not return the tape without authorization but you can't get authorization because there isn't a number you can call that actually gets answered.  There isn't even a business listing anywhere for this company.  The Federal ID # is fake too.  These guys are crooks plain and simple.  If you don't believe me try calling the # yourself- 626-403-0915. 

San Fernando, CA


Empire Industries Packaging Tape

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