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Emjoi Light Caress Gold Corded Epilator

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The Miracle sent from above...


This product was so good to me. I started using it a while back, and (yes , the first time was painful, but you get used to the weird sensation very quickly) it works amazing! It leaves my skin smooth or weeks and make life so much easier. Especially during the summer time! During the summer season when I had my razors, it was so hard to not be lazy and just let the hair on my legs grow out, but it was hot and it was shorts season. SOOO I invested in this. It saved me so much timed and I absolutely love it! I highly recommend this!



emjoi epilator could be a better product.


 I love pain just like anyone else and this does work for awhile.  It does tend to heat up quickly and as the hairs grow finer, it can't seem to latch on and pull them out. So, I ended up shaving again for silkiness, then as it got thicker trying to de the product again. I though t the idea was it was suppose to pull those little suckers out no matter how fine they were. That it went by length! I think it is a great idea, because I hate to shave andd hate stubble, but I do think this product needs to be more durable and do a better job. It is easy to clean, and the parts are a little tricky to snap back. I would probably look for a more known brand with a known reputation. I bought this one because it was cheaper and I got what I paid for.  do not recommend this item, ladies. Maybe it is more suited for men with thick, courser hair, if they an stand the pain! LOL!  I remember when the epilady came out. Does anyone know if it is still out there?

Seguin, TX


Emjoi Epilator does what it's meant to


I've owned my Emjoi for some time now - close to three years, and overall, I'm quite satisfied.  It removes hair from the root, makes it as pain-free as possible (granted it still hurts a tad) - and it isn't messy.  It works best on flat surfaces like legs and arms - and not so great on underarms where it hurts a lot, and requires a lot of technique so you get all the hairs. Before using this product, I used to shave, and that required that I do it pretty frequently.  Now with this product, I get to enjoy the results and do just touch-ups here and there.  It's also pretty easy to clean - it comes with a small little brush that you use to get the hairs out.  The battery lasts a long time, but it does cause me to have dry skin There are two bumpers this product has - one on each side - and those are easy to pop off.  Unfortunately I lost one of them, and it now creates these lines on my skin.  

Irvine, CA


Emjoi Epilators work fast, work right!


I first picked up the rechargable Emjoi Epilator because it was such a great price compared to other epilators I have seen. I was scared to use it at first because all those little tweezer blades look very intimidating! However, it works so fast that the pain is slight and almost similar to a light tattoo. It has some trouble picking up the finer hairs but works amazingly well on larger areas such as legs and arms (I am too scared to use this anywhere else!) After my first use I noticed* *I had a lot of ingrown hairs all over my legs about two weeks in which required using regular tweezers to pluck out, once it was long enough I used the Emjoi Epilator again and after about another 2 weeks I had the same problem. (This does help you get used to tweezing though and after a while you barely feel any pain) I continued to use it because before the ingrowns come in my legs are smoother and more supple than any shave I have ever had! After continuing to use it for about another 2 months once the hair was long enough I noticed the hair on my legs was growing back in regularly (not ingrown anymore) and also finer! It actually helped make my stubble smooth! I was amazed! After continued use your hairs will barely grown back and the ones that day will be so fine even shaving them is much easier (when you dont have time to fully use the epilator)

Reading, PA


Emjoi epilator is a little bit of ouch for a lot of smooth skin.


I was very nervous to try the Emjoi AP-10L Epilator because it looked so scary! Tweezing doesn't feel very good and all those tweezers was intimidating. The epilator is a wondeful product, though. It takes a little while to get used to the pain from it (like tiny little pricks) but once you're used to it you will love it. I only have to use it every 6 weeks and during that six weeks my legs/armpits are so soft. Using it on your legs is very quick, simple, and mostly pain free. Using it on your armpits is a bit of an ouch. It's because the hair is thicker so it hurts more with the hair being pulled out. It'll take a little longer getting used to that. The bikini area is still a problem are for me even though I've been using this for well over a year. It lasts so much longer than shaving does that I put up with the pain. It leaves my bikini line very smooth and since it's ripping the hair from the roots you don't see any discoloration from the root underneath the skin. If you're afraid of a little pain then this probably isn't for you but if you're looking for something new that you don't have to do but every 6 weeks then this is perfect. Always makes sure to soak in warm water beforhand (makes the pain much more bearable) but be sure to dry yourself completely before using it. The price may seem a little steep but if you think about how much it costs to buy razor refills or disposable razors over the course of a year then you will have made your money back very quickly.

Salem, VA


Expensive for what you get in the long run


I got my Emjoi a few years ago and am not crazy about it.  I like that it gets rid of the razor stubble on my legs and does tend to give you a bit more time between hair removal, but I guess that is where my love for it ends.  There are times when I have some ingrown hair issues where I cross my legs and that is a pain.  Also the batteries in the razor do not last.  After a while you need to use it plugged in or you will not get the power you need to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.  I know that for many this type of hair removal is painful, but I was able to get through that easily on my legs.  I do not use it anywhere else.  I am not sure if the discomfort will be worth it for me. If asked if I would like to purchase a new Emjoi - I would have to think about it.  I hope that as time goes on the price will go down a bit, but I am not sure if I would purchase another at this point.  

Florence, SC


Works well but needs to be cleaned out constantly.


The Emjoi epilator removes hair from the root causing lasting results and over time claims to reduce hair grow by thickness and time. This particular Emjoi epilator model does work quite well, but sometimes you will have to stop epilating and clean the model because of hair buildup. There are other Emjoi epilator models that are able to pick up more hair in the same amount of time, but cost more than double the price of this Emjoi epilator. The Emjoi AP - 10L Epilator works very well for its price when comparing prices with other models. More expensive models may pick up more hair at one time than the emjoi AP - 10 L, but whatever model you buy will most likely have to be cleaned in the middle of uses anyway.  Some things that did bother me about the Emjoi AP - 10L are that it causes your skin to dry up if it is necessary to touch up an area that has already been epilated, or when there are many hairs to epilate so the epilator needs to be used in one area for a longer amount of time. In addition, sometimes this Emjoi Epilator will cause hairs to break right above the root before they can be epilated, and these few hairs grown faster than the other surrounding hairs. When this happens you will need to do a "touch up" within a few days. I personally find myself having to touch up my arms every 3 to 5 days but this only takes from 5 to 15 minutes for both arms. Also, when "touching up" you should do this in a very well-lit room so that you do not miss any small hairs. Many people who have tried epilators say that there is a lot of pain associated with their use. From my personal experience, this is only within the first few uses. After using the Emjoi AP - 10L epilator for about 4 or 5 times, I noticed the pain less. I think this has to do with the nerves attached to hair follicles having a weaker connection to the root due to the constant removal. The only area which is definitely painful is the bikini line. Epilating your bikini line is even more painful than waxing because they pain is extended over a few minutes instead of just a few seconds. The upside to epilating your bikini line would be that there isn't someone else looking at your "privates" and you can save a lot of money.  I have used the Emjoi epilator on my underarms and it was a painful experience for the first 2/3 uses. On the first use, my hair roots bled a little bit and I thought I would not try this again. I did decide to use it again and my hair follicles did not bleed, but my underarm skin did become quite dry and I was not able to use deodorant for a few hours.  I definetely recommend the Emjoi AP- 10L to anyone looking for affordable, but lasting hair removal. The only necessary thing is to exfoliate your skin regularly to prevent ingrown hairs as this can happen regularly when your dead skin cells build up. Also,  take pain killers for the first few uses.

Kearny, NJ


Emjoi Light Caress Gold Corded Epilator

3.7 7