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Emerson Stainless Steel Toaster Oven

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You get what you pay for.


We live in a small house, so an appliance must be worth the space that it's taking up. That being said, we bought this Emerson Toaster Oven hoping that it would help us reduce our electric bills (we were planning on using this instead of our oven), we have been pretty disappointed, and have decided to get rid of it. First it doesn't cook evenly, our food ended up cold in the middle and burnt on the outside. There are two knobs on it, one for time and one for temperature. We have tried different combinations to try to get it to cook right, to no avail. So this has ended up costing us in the long run, because we have to throw the burnt food away. This toaster oven isn't easy to keep clean either! We had a spill underneath the grate, and I have tried many times to get it out, however the grate is attached to the door, which makes it impossible to get it clean. The door is glass, and it is very easily smudged, and it's hard to get the smudges off. The automatic timer does shut the oven off when it should, so safety is not compromised as far as that goes. Overall, i would save your money and get something with better quality.



Nice toaster oven for everyday meals for up to 2 persons


We got this toaster oven a few months back. Since then I have been using it a few times a week to prepare meals. It is great to use. I mostly use it to bake food. I like it better than using the big kitchen oven. Usually when you want to cook small portions you can use this toaster oven instead of pre-heating the big oven. With this, you don't have to preheat but I let it run for maybe a few minutes before I put the food in. The food turns out tasting good. It has a few settings so you can set it to the temperature you like or if you want to bake, toast, or broil. It comes with a pan and a rack. The pan can be placed on top of the rack or on the bottom of the rack. There is a little hook where the pan can be slided in. I think it is more energy efficient and it is quick without pre-heating to bake up a quick meal. The oven itself does not take up too much space in the kitchen but the inside is quite a good size that can fit 2 persons worth of food. I think this is a good buy for small spaces and for 1-2 people. One of the cons that I have noticed with prolonged use is that the food towards the back middle of the oven tends to be a little burnt. This can be easily fixed with some temperature adjustments or placement arrangements.

Minneapolis, MN


Emerson Toaster Oven is decent for the price.


We purchased the Emerson 4 slice toaster oven to replace an old toaster oven that died. I've been happy with it for the small amount we paid for it. It has several settings. It works great as a small oven - especially when using stoneware to cook the food. It does a decent job of toasting evenly though the outer edges don't toast quite as well as the center. Though 4 slices of bread do fit, the bread doesn't toast evenly when there are 4 slices. The outside of the oven gets quite hot. The wire rack does not slide out automatically when the door is open (a feature on our old machine that I loved) and is hard to remove. I like the sleek look and I like how simple it is to clean. The cooking tray that comes with this oven is quite sturdy and does a nice job cooking though it is hard to clean.

Wheeling, WV


doesnt heat evenly


I bought this oven for two reasons, it's stainless steel look and its compact size. However, I was fooled in to its good looks and its convenient size because it just doesnt do the job its supposed to do well. It heats in the center more than on the sides, so whatever you put will burn in the center where the heating coil is and sides will not be as much cooked. Oh its so terrible to do something even in it! Also the tray at the bottom is not very easy to clean, I just used it ones where oil dripped on it and despite spending hours cleaning it the stains will just not leave. I dont know what kind of material that tray is made of that it just absorbles the yellow oil stains on all its undulating surfaces. I would not buy this product and would not recommend it to anyone. I wish I had looked hard for better same size oven. Unfortunately this size is rare to get in other brands. I wish the will improve its functioning because it really looks nice.

Omaha, NE


Emerson Stainless Steel Toaster Oven

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