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Emerson - Smart Set CKS1850

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Best clock radio ever


I am sensitive to light when I sleep and heard about the smart set radio where the display goes off and comes on when you wave something in front of it. My husband bought me the first one and I loved it so much I purchased 2 additional ones for other bedrooms. Not only does the display go off if you choose that option, but it is sleek and very modern looking on a night stand. The radio has a great sound quality to it although admittedly I did not buy it for the radio. It adjusts to the correct time each time it is plugged in - another great feature. There is a lithium battery back-up feature as well as 2 alarms and 3 settings - Everyday, Weekdays and Weekends. When I wave in front of the diplay the time appears. It is clear and easy to read and stays lit for approximately 15 seconds. I consider this to be the best feature. My only complaint is that I had to order it online as it seems stores do not carry the Emerson models with this feature. I ordered from Sears as they had the best price and had them at my door in 3 days. Great product

Highland Mills, NY


Emerson Research Clock Set System is awesome & dependable


This Emerson Smart Set Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Time Projection System, and Rechargeable Flashlight is the coolest clock radio I have ever owned. This clock radio uses automatic time setting system. The first time you connect this clock radio to your outlet, and after every power interruption, within seconds the clock will automatically set itself to the correct year, month, date, day, and time. You will never see that annoying, flashing display. In addition all of the changes from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time, and back are made automatically.  The clock/radio has dual alarms that can be set and used independent of each other. This model also includes an integrated clock time projector that will project the time in large red numbers on the wall or ceiling; the room must be dark. Also, included is a built-in rechargeable, removable flashlight. The two features I like the most is the auto reset and the rechargeable flashlight.  When the power goes off or the clock is unplugged, I love the auto reset of the time and if I need to have a light the rechargeable flashlight located on top of the radio is ready to be used whenever it is needed.  There is also a long life lithium battery installed in this clock radio when you buy it. This battery can maintain the time and alarm settings for 3 to 5 years, or even longer. I love this clock radio, I have had it for 4 years now and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good alarm clock.  I have recommended it to all my family and friends and will definitely purchase another when I need one.  I purchased my clock radio from QVC.

Columbus, GA


The Emerson Smart Set Alarm Clock For The Frequent Excuses!!!


Right off from plugging it in and setting your time zone this clock does it's thing. So now more telling the boss the daylight savings messed you up and that's why your late. That's right i said it goodbye work excuse hello Emerson Smart Set Clock You don't have to worry about power outage either folks as it has a backup rechargable battery built in. In a since there's no wrong way to eat a reece's Throw out that dinosaur and bring in "Danger Will Robinson" as your future friendly Alarm Clock Will not let you down...

Overland Park, KS


Not very reliable


My boyfriend bought me this clock because I needed a dual-alarm clock that would actually wake me up.  Well, the alarm is great for getting my attention - but 90 percent of the time it doesn't go off!  Sometimes it will chirp once at the time it is set for... sometimes it does nothing.  Actually, MOST times it does nothing.  I don't think it's gone off in weeks.  It's nice that it sets itself, and that it has a backup power supply, but it is virtually useless as far as being an ALARM clock.  On the upside, my boyfriend now wakes me up instead, which is much nicer than a clock alarm.

Branford, CT


Emerson - Smart Set CKS1850

4.0 4