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Emerson Radio Corporation Oven

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The "In" between Microwave


After our last microwave broke, I bought this one. I did not want to get the cheapest one on the market but I did not want to get the most expensive. So, I settled with this one. It does it's purpose of heating items. The one downfall to it I would have to say is the pull handle. My previous one was a push button to open, and not thinking it would be a big deal I got this one. Now I realize how much I miss it, when your hands are full to have to pull it open becomes a pain. It may not sound that hard but I find this handle to be a little hard and sticks a bit. Overall, this microwave serves it's purpose, but there is nothing fancy about it. It is more of a generic microwave with not a lot of options. Performance Does what it is suppose to with heating things up. Settings/Features I do not find that there is a lot of "fancy" options for cooking on this. It has just the basic popcorn etc. Ease of Cleaning Everything that I have spilled over in it comes off very easily and does not take much effort in scrubbing. Ease of Use Very easy to push the buttons. I do find however that the pull handle to open the microwave sticks a bit and is a bit hard to pull open, especially when you have other things in your hands. Durability Seems like it is a sturdy microwave, does not wobble on the counter or anything like that. Design Has a nice slick design to look nice on anyone's counter. Has that more expensive look to it, even though it was not expensive cost wise.




It Serves it's purpose


I purchased this microwave new in box at a chain retailer in 2007. Born 2007, Died 2013. It had a long run; however, it was not without it's problems/quirks. When I first removed it from the box, the handle was dented in. This happened without any visible damage to the box, which had been unopened until I received it. I can only assume that it was damaged when it was packaged at the factory. I kept it (since it was only a visual defect at the time), and the quirks kept on. A couple of years later, the handle fell off. Next the inner light stopped coming on, so you couldn't see inside to know whether your oatmeal was boiling over or not. It would spark when I microwaved certain foods. Finally, it died. Does it show that I was looking forward to that day?!?! Looking back, I probably should have taken it back due to the initial defect; however, I believe it was the second one I had tried to purchase that weekend, and I needed a microwave that worked ASAP. Also, it does not have a kitchen timer. Ok, now for the good. It cooked things really well, really fast. It has a large capacity, so I could defrost large items. It was the cheapest model with all of the features it possessed. Also, you could press just one button to cook your food. The take-away? I wouldn't purchase this microwave (or any Emerson product ever again). I also recommend that you would do the same. Performance It cooked food fairly evenly at a rather fast pace. Settings/Features I needed a kitchen timer, but it didn't have one. Durability It fell apart one piece at a time; however, it lasted 5 years.


Centerton, AR


Waste of money


Bad Performance Good until it stareted sparking and smoking Durability Had this microwave for 15 months and then the paint bubbled up and peeled, then it smoked and sparked. Had to throw it away. Never again will I buy an Emerson microwave.




Emerson Radio Corporation Oven

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