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Emerson RSCX-HC379

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Convient in or out doors, especially on the go.


**Emerson has always made a vast difference in my life and I am sure millions of other satisfied customers.  There is nothing like a good close shave and not have to be concerned with stubborn hair as a woman.** **This particular shaver trims very closely and neatly, and the I only have to shave twice a week.  It uncomplicates my life.  It is chargeable and once it is charged, you can take it with you anywhere and use it without charging it again for up to a week.** **It is nice to have the convience of shaving at home or on the go.  The car is usually my favorite place to shave as I drive to work, shop, or go to meetings.  Life is difficult enough without having to be concerned about unseemingly hair in places where they are unwanted.** **This is not a for women only shaver, men can enjoy the benefits also and experience the difference.  Our lives need not be complicated, just simplified.   Give it try and if you don't like it, I am sure you can return it for a full refund.**

Ladys Island, SC


Emerson RSCX-HC379

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