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Emerson Cordless Wet / Dry Shaver

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Great for Shaving Legs In Shower Or Not


The cordless wet / dry shaver is a quick and efficient way to shave your legs. I say for legs because my husband says it does not give a close enough shave for his facial hair. It does work good on my legs though. I can grab this razor and do a quick shave if I am in a hurry, by using it dry. If I did not remember to charge it ,I can use it plugged to a receptical. It does a good job,not as good as a regular straight razor, but good.If I remember to charge it, it is easier to use without being close to a receptical. The way I prefer to use it is when it is fully charged and in the shower. I think it gives a closer shave this way. You can either use it with a creamy lather or just water. I think it works better with a moisturizing shave cream. This razor is not as good as using a straight razor or a regular razor with blades.It is a good substitute though.I only gave the Emerson Wet / Dry cordless Razor three stars because it does not give as close a shave as a straight Razor. One more thing, it has a flip up trimmer for men's sideburns or trimming the neck.

Rocky Mount, NC


Emerson Cordless Wet / Dry Shaver

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