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Emerson 900 Watt 0.9 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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Emerson Black Microwave 900 watt


I have had this microwave for 10 plus years and its still going strong. Great little microwave that doesn't take up much space and its efficient in its space usage and that it cooks things like they should be cooked. I have never had a problem with this and will use it until it does decide to conk out. Performance Food is always cooked just fine and it had never over cooked or under cooked any items. The digital has always worked and all the buttons after 10 years of use still work like new. You can add more or less time with the more or less buttons. It defrosts any kind of meat even fish. It has special buttons for beverage, frozen pizza, popcorn, frozen vegetable and two specific others. Settings/Features It has all the features that you need, defrost and such. Which I talked about above. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean on the inside, but the black does show more dust. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Durability Durable enough for me, its lasted a very long time Design Nice simple design and easy to use that fits on countertop under and cabinets


Lincoln, NE


Perfect microwave for my small kitchen!


I have enjoyed my Emerson microwave very much for over a year. It is big enough to hold anything I've ever tried to put in it, but small enough to fit under a cupboard, out of the way, in my small kitchen. It has never let me down or needed any work, and we use it constantly for thawing, heating water for coffee and tea, warming leftovers, and even to warm up liquids before I feed them to the injured wildlife I rehabilitate. Oh! I almost forgot--I also use it to heat the cloth bag of rice I carry with me when I go to pick up an injured animal. Sometimes birds and small mammals get very hypothermic after they are injured, and that little bag of rice, warmed in my Emerson microwave in a big hurry on my way to a rescue has saved more than one life! I also use it to warm up my neck pillow that is filled with buckwheat, when my neck is especially sore. So many uses for one little appliance!! I couldn't live without it.


Roseburg, OR


Emerson microwave is decent


This microwave is a reliable and useful little machine although it is rather large and you cant change the wattage like some of the old microwaves that i have grown up with. I do like how this will always get the things i put in done with a 10 to 30 second buffer time for human error. I dont like how it will often not thoroughly cook things through it will over heat the outside and the inside will be as cold as it was when it went in. It honestly keeps good time no matter how underpowered it is. Although I cant exactly say its hard to clean its not easy since whatever gets on the white sides wont come out no matter how harde you try even with some oxyclean and a magic eraser. I wouldnt reccomend it to anyone but i wont condemn it either.


Everett, WA


lasts but confusing


I've had this microwave for several months now and it's lasted pretty well so far. There's been no problems, and it definitely gets the job done. It's easy to open and close, it heats up your food, and it has all kinds of settings to make the process easier. Enter my only complaint, is that there's too many functions. Maybe I'm used to older microwave models, because I rather having a timer to cook all my food. Even though I'm sure that function exists on this microwave, it wasn't intuitive for me to figure out how to do that. Instead there's lots of buttons that specify what kind of food you're trying to cook..which is fine, if you prefer that. It's also a little bulky, but that's to be expected for a microwave -- it's not particularly larger than any other models you're going to find. Other than that, the black is nice, making it look pretty sleek, and doesn't look cheap even though it was pretty affordable. 


Baltimore, MD


Great Microwave!


We've had our Emerson microwave for over a year and haven't had any problems with it at all.  It's a good size for our family (4 people) and has a lot of great features (like a popcorn button) that we use regularly.  The display is easy to read and it's easy to figure out how to set the clock.  We use our microwave semi-regularly and with over a year of use, it is still going strong.  We've never had it in for maintainance or had any problems at all.  The buttons are easy to push (unlike some microwave ovens I've had in the past).  The Emerson microwave is also easy to clean.  It wipes off easily and looks good after this much use.  There is a light inside and a turntable so your food cooks evently. I have found that this microwave runs a little hotter than others that I've had.  This is nice is most ways, as my food heats up/cooks a lot faster than what I'm used to.  My mom has mentioned that too after using it.  Compared to her microwave, this one cooks hotter.


Bellingham, WA


Emerson not built to last!


Most microwave ovens last a few years and withstand most everything that was meant to put in a microwave within reason. I owned two of this model and the first one kicked the bucket after 13 months. I liked the size and the buttons that it displayed so I bought another one and low and behold it quit after 7 months. Never again...I will stick to GE or another model.


Klamath Falls, OR


My new Emerson microwave oven is nice looking and works great.


**This new microwave I bought is a good size, works great and looks great in my kitchen.  I've used it numerous times already and it seems to cook fast.  It has 1 touch buttons for the top foods you would use.  The only thing I miss is it doesn't have a timer like my old one.**


Brockport, PA


Space Age Look...Space Saving


***WOW!  Love that stainless steel and black look....very chic!*** ***Space age look with the small size counter attack, save that space !*** ***Lots of extras for those in a hurry or even those wanting to try new micro recipes*** ***Enjoying the ability to hear the buzzer without having to be in the same room, working women/men have other things to do with their time than wait for the buzzer to say its done or turn me over....lol***


Hessmer, LA


Emerson 900 Watt 0.9 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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