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Emerson 700 Watt Microwave Oven

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Great Addition to the Kitchen


Although I live alone and LOVE to cook sometimes cooking for one is not cost effective or easy or even worth the time. Sometimes I just want something quick and easy. I never considered a microwave but my boyfriend thought it was insane I did not own one so he bought me one as a Christmas gift. First of all the fact that it was a beautiful red and chrome color scheme took me aback, most only come in white or black and sometimes maybe silver. It fit perfectly into my kitchen color scheme and decor. The **Emerson 700 Watt Microwave Oven (Candy Apple Red)** is a wonderful microwave! Cooks things quickly, throughly and just right everytime. It is very easy to use and and offers a lot of cooking options. I would most certainly recommed this microwave to anyone looking for either a first time microwave (college dorm or first apartment) or even those looking to replace the old microwave for something with a little bit of pizazz..

Arlington, TX


We love this RED microwave!


We bought this microwave solely because it was red, but I have been super pleased with its performance. With our last microwave, we had all kinds of problems and I hated it, but this has been such a great buy for us! I love that it's red, of course. I like how you only have to push one button to start cooking. All numbers one through six only have to be pushed and that number alone to start cooking... For example, if you want something to cook for one minute, you push the #1 button, etc. Also, the start button will add 30 seconds if you want to add time while something is still cooking. This is great for popcorn. This microwave is so much more user friendly than our last one and it was only a couple of years old. My kids can use it with ease, which helps this mom quite a bit. I would definitely buy this product again and recommend it to my family and friends!

Jacksboro, TX


Emerson 700 Watt Microwave Oven

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