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Emerson 600 Watt 0.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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we just moved and bought this emerson microwave. i think for the price we paid it is a very good value. easy to use and clean. i can cook heat and pop popcorn in it. i love the rotating glass. well worth the price

Devine, TX


What a long-lasting microwave!


Lo for the day was bright and the sun high overhead when our family found itself in desperate lack and need of a microwave oven.  Sadness filled our hearts and minds as we observed the previous oven, which had died bravely in combat for the family it served.   Many were the hours searched for a microwave oven that would have the fortitude to stand in place of our late microwave.  Much was debated, and hotly, over design, ability, price.  Research was done by the council, and it was decided upon to hire the wonderful Emerson microwave oven as our new Microwave Oven™. The price paid to obtain the Emerson Microwave Oven was a fair price; we did not shirk at paying it.  Once it was home, it was opened and admired, for it had a shiny aspect and smelled like new appliance. Verily, it did become as one used, yet it has retained the power to heat in a most amazing fashion.  Indeed, though the microwave has seen three turnings of the year, it is still as new.  We are most impressed by the performance of the Emerson Microwave Oven, and we shall recommend its service to our allies!

Gautier, MS


Great and fast


The Emerson microwave oven I have is great.  It fits perfect on my counter but can still cooks a 12 pound turkey.  It has a glass turntable and cooks all my food even.  It great to make popcorn, ice tea, coffee and leftovers. When the kids come home from school they can just pop  some hot pockets or whatever in the micro and have a quick snack. I do not have to worry about them burning themselves on the stove or have a messy kitchen.  Everyone should have one.

Richlands, NC


emerson microwave works well but dosnt last as long as i like th


These Emerson microwaves are good but like all modern product they don't last very long. Ive had two microwave in the last 7 yrs they have all started acting crazy after a while  this one is currently decided it doesn't like to be used tooooo long. It will just tun off until it has cooled down. It does take 15 min. for this to happen. But when you are making dinner this isn't fun.

Williamsburg, VA


Emerson 600 Watt 0.7 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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