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Emerson 600 Watt 0.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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20 years!


This was the first microwave I ever purchased when I got my first apartment at age 19, sadly I have to replace it after 21 years of daily use. And not because it quit working or has any mechanical issues. My daughter put frozen shrimp in it and set it for the oven directions, 10 minutes instead of 3. Now I cannot get the smell out of it and everytime it turns on the house smells like burnt breading and shrimp. I even tried the angry mama, but the smell is in there deep. But I will definitely be replacing it with another emerson.



Good appliance, has lasted 10 years so far!


We received this microwave as a gift at least 10 years ago and it is still going. While it is a very small microwave, it does what we need it to do. It has 5 functions, low, defrost, medium, roast and reheat. For the most part I use reheat for everything but if I am thawing out meat I use the defrost button. I am impressed that this microwave has survived this long. Most appliances give out after just a few years of use. This microwave doesn't have any digital read outs, which can be a downside if you like that. There is no clock or anything fancy, it is just a microwave. It uses the old style turn knobs instead of buttons, which I prefer because buttons can wear out. Overall it does a great job. My only complaint is that it has suddenly stopped rotating. I have to manually rotate the item I am microwaving to get an even heating. But because the microwave is 10 years old I am not going to let that affect my rating too much. Durability 10 years old and still heating.

Empire, AL


Outstanding quality!


I have owned this microwave for over 15 years. It still works likenew and it has nver broken. I can cook all my vegetable, leftovers. frozen dinners or whatever I need for myself! It saves me time, money and room when it comes to my lifestyle. I am single and don't need to use my stove all the time. Emerson microwaves are above average in quality performance and value to me. The one thing that I especially have liked about it is that it has lasted for so many years under normal usage!I never have to worry about buying a new one or having to ot have a nice microwave oven at all. Mine is a rotating tray, and it is easy to clean, too. Just remove the tray glass plate wash it and put it back in. When I do have to buy another microwave I will buy the Emerson brand and would highly recommend this brand name in any kitchen applaince! You just cant beat the quality and perfromance that Emerson delivers on all levels!

Indianapolis, IN


Emerson is an average brand


Emerson microwaves are good brands if you are going to need something simple.  The dials are appropiate to fit an average person's fingers.  It is economical and you are able to somewhat view the object you are warming.  It is small and doesn't take much space.  Mine is white and fits with any kitchen decor.  It has a turntable inside which is great because it warms your food evenly each minute.   It is very easy to work because it is self-explanatory.  The dials tell you if you want to defrost, warm, or high heat.  It really isn't for cooking meals for it is not equiped for that type of meal.  It is very basic for the new cook in the kitchen.  A child can operate this appliance because of the simplicity of it.   You can feel safe allowing a child to work this appliance.  Whether they are warming hotdogs or pizza they will love to use this.  Now if you are a novice in the kitchen you will enjoy using this appliance but not if you are a gormet cook.  You would want something more utilitarian.

Belton, TX


Emerson 600 Watt 0.6 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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