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Emerson - 32-Inch LCD HDTV w/ Digital Tuner

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Good price for a decent TV


I bought this for my husband's "man cave" and he uses it as a computer screen. It works very well for him and is satisfied with the color output. We purchased this because it fell into our price point and I do have to say it beats my expectations with the quality and color output.



Emerson 32" TV, Really great tv


So, I has the same litte 19" box TV for 8 years. That is until i got married to my husband who just had to have a bigger and better TV. Emerson is such a well known brand and they did not fail to keep up with their reputation. We bought this TV after looking at several others. The price was just right and the color is great. When my husband shops for TV's that is the screen is what he compares. You know how in the store they have 20 tv's showing the same movie or show. Well he will walk up real close, then go back really far, then look from the sides to. This TV passed his tests as having the best picture in all those situations. I really like it to and it is just the right size. The two things I like about it are the sleep timer and the HDMi port. It doesn't get really hot like other TVs I have had so that is good to. It cleans well wo with LCD TV wipes. It looks really nice in our living room as well.

Ferguson, KY


Emerson 32" HDTV: Great TV for the money!


A few years ago it was official that we needed a new TV. Our old TV was just that, getting very old and with the new HDTV technologies available we knew it was only a matter of time until our old TV became obsolete. That and we had the additional problem that our TV was probably the heaviest TV I've seen in a long time and we needed to move our living room once we had child #2 to gain additional space. So, we really wanted a TV we could wall mount and not worry about falling and potentially killing one of our children. I found a deal on the 32" Emerson HDTV on a Black Friday sale and jumped on it with some Christmas money relatives had sent us. And man am I EVER so glad we upgraded! The 32" screen isn't HUGE by any stretch of the imagination, but you can see it easily from across our living room...about 12' or so and the picture remains crystal clear. You can view it from an angle and the picture doesn't deteriorate too much (a problem I've seen with a lot of other flat screen TV's). The TV is lightweight and is easily wall-mounted, which keeps kid's fingers off the TV screen and you don't have to worry if they somehow manage to pull the TV down on top of themselves. Overall for the 300.00 I paid for it, the TV has been used CONSTANTLY pretty much over the past two years and hasn't had any problems to speak of. So, I'm very happy with it. My biggest complaint with the new LCD screens is that they are somewhat hard to clean unless you are VERY careful so that you don't end up scratching the screen or something, but so far my TV has cleaned up very well and has had a lot of different dirty fingerprints on it (amazing how kids find ways to touch a TV even when it's over four feet off the ground). I'd definitely recommend this TV to others.

Wasilla, AK


It puts me to sleep


It was Black Friday, literally it was black outside when I got in line. I purchased this product the day after Thanksgiving because it had a feature I really look for in TV's. Amongst other favorite qualities, I would like to specifically mention the sleep timer. I often forget to check for this feature while shopping or when I'm in the market (I also like the automatic turn on feature so that it I can use it as an alarm), but I actually knew this feature was available before I purchased it. I pften find myself falling asleep while watching TV and this will burn electricity until i wake up, so it also serves as an energy saver. This was the selling point (or in my case "sold" point). It is a 720p LCD disply HDTV, 32" screen TV (1336 x 768 resolution) that is a perfect addition for my bedroom. It attaches to mounts so it is on a swivel on my wall and though I was leary about the 720p, this actually puts out a better picture than I expected. Although it is 5 months since purchase, I find that it has taken me this long to truly appreciate the TV and it's value.

Cerritos, CA


Emerson - 32-Inch LCD HDTV w/ Digital Tuner

3.8 4