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Emblem - MasterCard

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Emblem credit card doesn't do what it promises.


About two years ago I was in a pinch with debt.   I had collections and bills piling up, one of the offers I received was to place my collection on the Emblem Mastercard and once it was paid off it would be an open credit card for me to use plus if I paid it on time every month then every three months my credit limit would increase.  First off I thought this was a fair idea but of course once I signed up for it they reported it again as a different debt on my credit reports.  Needless to say that didn't help my score.  Okay, I got over that and have been paying on time every month since I received the card and yes, they did double the credit limit every three months like they said they would until about six months ago when they stopped at a $700 limit.   When I called and asked why my limit was not increased they could only tell me that they periodically review credit lines and it would show on my statement when they did increase it.  I continued to explain that I had never been late on my payments or even close to over the limit buit again the c.s. agent gave me the same explanation.  I  will continue to fight for what was promised to me, its just sad that they didnt keep to their contract.

Marion, OH


This is a good card for rebuilding your credit.


If you have a poor credit rating it seems like the only kind of credit cards you can get are the ones that charge you hugh fees and take advantage of you.  I have the emblem card and it is different.  There is no annual fee.  Their interest rates are reasonable and they don't keep laying so many heavy fees on you that you end up making your credit worse than it was.  They report on time payments every month and they give regular credit increases for on time payments.  It is nice to be treated like a human being again, instead of the scum of the earth because I had some credit problems.  I actually feel good about having this card and using it when I have to.  They have an online site, and they are improving it.  It used to be that you could just get online and pay your bill and you didn't see any of your information, but now they show you your balance and credit limit and your transactions.  I think most credit cards are a bad thing for people with poor credit, but you need credit to build your credit and this card is a definate DO!

Orange, VA


Emblem - MasterCard

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