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EluSun Self Tanning Pills

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Makes skin soft


I was afraid to use a tanning pill, since I had heard and read bad things about them. However, I decided to give EluSun All-Natural tanning pills a try. I've been taking these pills for about 5 weeks now. While I can't say that they actually tanned me, I do believe they have helped me keep my tanning bed tan longer. I have a richer brown tone to my skin too. Normally, I tan bronze. The best thing about these pills is that my skin feels soo soft! It feels just like silk, something I never remember having in my life. Also, though I have very oily skin, I am not breaking out either, something else I had been concerned about.

Mauldin, SC


Have wanted to buy, but can not find.


I have been wanting to try the EluSun Self Tanning pills, but i can not find them. I can not be outside for long and i feel it would be a healthier way to receive a tan. A friend introduced it to me, but she is also a lot wealthier than i am. Hopefully it will be in my budget. It would be a lot easier than having to be careful not to streak the creams and sprays.

Cloverdale, IN


EluSun Self Tanning Pills

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