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Computerized Sewing Machines
Elna Computer Sewing Machine

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Hooked Me On Fine Sewing Machines


For years I sewed on a cheap, bottom level Singer sewing machine, which I thought was a step up from my mother's old machine. Then I purchased a used Elna 8000 on Craigslist, and whoah, I had no idea the difference it makes to sew on a fine machine. I couldn't even sew with lycra or knits on the dinky Singer, but the Elna sews beautifully. The feed makes the difference. As simple as it is, one of my favorite features is that the needle returns to the high point when you stop a stitch, so you don't have to crank the wheel to pull the piece out to clip the threads. This saves an incredible amount of time an energy, which surprised me. The controls are fairly easy to understand, but with simpler machines you have a picture icon of the different stitches by the buttons (or the dial) and on the Elna you have to keep going back to the machine manual until you get things memorized. It is a wonderful machine, and I hope it lasts a long time because I love it.



Still going


I inherited this sewing machine from my mother-in-law when she upgraded to an expensive Janome. Before this, I'd only sewn with a cheap little Singer, and I HATED sewing because my thread was always breaking, the needle would come unthreaded, the bobbin would tangle... I thought that's just how sewing WAS. Enter the Elna machine, and I am now a sewing fanatic. I love it so much that I now have my own sewing tutorial channel on YouTube, and I have sponsors that PAY ME to make sewing videos :D Yippee! Here's why I love it: Needle down button, makes life so much easier when you're working with curves and corners Built in thread snipper, no reaching for scissors every five seconds Needle automatically brings up bobbin thread (some machines you have to hand crank the needle down, pull up the thread, and push it aside) Digital display makes it easy to change stitches and stitch sizes Sewing is soooo smooth Love it, love it, love it :)

Rexburg, ID


Repair part no longer available


My Elna 8000 is about 10-12 years old and other then little problems with the tension I have enjoyed using it.  Recently I was sewing and the machine would not stop when I took my foot off the control,  I took the machine in to have it checked, cleaned and adjusted and found out that I needed a new foot control to check the electronic board to see if that was the problem or just the foot control alone was causing the problem.  The part was backordered and after being without for over three months they tell me the part is no longer available.  Now I have an expensive machine that can't be repaired.  Even the sights on the internet that carry parts say it is no longer available.  I will go back to using my old--very old--Singer featherweight machine I received (used) as a birthday gift over 50 years ago!!  So much for all these fancy electronics!!!

Spartanburg, SC


The Elna 8000 is the best sewing machine I've ever had!


The Elna 8000 computerized machine has what I want in a sewing machine.  It does everything I need.  It has a needle-down feature which is a big selling point for me as it makes the pivoting that is necessary in so many of my projects much easier to do.  It has enough decorative stitches for my needs but not so many as to be overwhelming.  It also has a very smooth start-up with the presser foot--not sudden or jerky, so you can ease your fabric along without having the pieces jerked and slid around.  It's also easy to sew along at a slow deliberate rate if desired.  My only complaint about it is that the last thread guide before the needle does not hold on to the thread.  The thread comes from behind it and is supposed to lay against it, but it constantly slips off.  That one small thing should be redesigned.  Also it doesn't have a self winding bobbin--it has to be removed and wound on the top.  Other than that, this machine is one of my favorite toys.

Green Bay, WI


Elna Computer Sewing Machine

4.0 4