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Elmer's Squeez'N Caulk

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No More Caulk Guns; As Easy to Use as Elmer's Glue.


 This is such a simple solution to a frustrating job that I wonder why no one thought of it sooner.  Elmer's - famous for its ubiquitous bottles of school glue in classrooms far and wide - has created a way to make caulking effortless.  **Elmer's Squeez'N Caulk** applies the siliconized acrylic latex to your project with a simple squeeze.  Yep, that's right -- no more caulk guns. Not that using a caulk gun is the most complicated matter in the world, but I would be less than truthful if I didn't admit that I was always pretty clumsy with a caulking gun.  I would load the caulk as directed and attempt to squeeze a straight, even line, but it never flowed smoothly, and I certainly never got professional results. In contrast, Elmer's Squeeze'N Caulk comes in a 7.625 ounce bottle that looks very similar to a bottle of glue.  When you open the orange tip, you have two marked areas where you can cut the nozzle.  Cut the top mark if you want a smaller bead of caulk, or cut the bottom if you want a larger bead.  (If you want one of each, you'll have to buy another bottle of caulk).  With a little squeeze - no muscle needed - this caulk spreads evenly and neatly.  Use a damp finger to smooth the bead, and you're done.   I used it around the sinks in a couple of my bathrooms, and it looks a thousand times better than my usual clumpy results.  **Elmer's Squeeze'N Caulk** is paintable, mildew resistant, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  It's available in white and clear, and can be used on a variety of surfaces (tile, porcelain, aluminum, plaster, ceramic, cement, glass, brick, etc.). I've already used it a couple of times, and it hasn't dried out on me.  The orange cap fits snugly and keeps the contents protected until I'm ready to caulk again. 

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Elmer's Squeez'N Caulk

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