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Elmer's Carpenter's
Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler

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Not great for smooth detail work


I bought this to fill in a couple gaps in the joints of a bookcase I was spray painting because it was recommended to me buy an employee from Home Depot. He told me it was sandable and instructed me on how to use a putty knife to get it into crevices and smooth it out. Honestly, I was pretty disappointed. The consistency of the stuff is like a gritty paste. It doesn't smooth out easily. I waited 24 hours for it to completely dry, and then I used sand paper to try and make it smooth adn blend in with the surrounding wood. The stuff was so gritty it wasn't possible to get it very smooth. Also, it started dissolving when I wiped down the piece with a damp cloth prior to painting.

San Antonio, TX


Elmer's Wood Filler is a Great Staple for Any Home Owner


I got this item as a gift from my family when my husband and I bought our first house.  There were many "home improvement" items in our gift basket.  This was one of my favorites.  It took about a year for us to pull it out but when we did I was amazed.  Everyone knows little boys can be very destructive.  My nephew came by one day and threw a tempertantrum when he couldn't get into the reck room.  He kicked our white door and cracked the corner of the wood. The crack was at the bottom of the door and wasn't too obvious but I did want to make sure it didn't look like anything had happened. I went through all of our supplies and I found this wood filler.  It was the same color white as our door.  I would describe it more like puddy.  It was easy to go on and mold into the cracks.  If you look closely it looks like the wood of the door is a little deformed but it doesn't look like there was ever any damage. This is a great product to keep around the house for those kind of accidents.

Franklin, TN


Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler

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