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Elmer's - Assorted Chocolates

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I love these


Received these from my angels I sponsored this Xmas with the Salvation Army adopt a family program

Long Island


Elmer's Chocolate Heart Box Candies was my Valentine this year.


Elmer Chocolate, CELEBRATE WITH CHOCOLATE, My hubby bought me a few things for Valentine's Day this year and one of those items was this big red heart box that says "Happy Valentine's Day", and a big rose drawed on it wrapped in sheer red plastic wrapping. Open the box and voila, five different varieties of chocolates are inside, you have the Strawberry Creme chocolates, the Caramel chocolates, the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle chocolates, the Orange Creme chocolates, and the Chocolate Fudge chocolates. There's about seven or eight or so of each flavor i believe. They taste great. I am not much on the cream filled ones, but this strawberry one sure makes me feel differently, they are delicious, it's like it's a dreamy strawberry flavor and i liked it alot. And the Caramel one's are my favorite, i love caramel and this has a wonderfully dreamy creamy caramel inside a delicious chocolate shell. The caramel is out of this world with flavor, it's just plain great, love it. Elmer's has been making chocolate's since 1855, crafting chocolates from the finest selection of cocoa, caramel, truffles, and cremes. Whether you want to bring a smile to someone's face or just show how much you care, make it easy to Celebrate with Chocolate, with Elmer's Chocolate. It made my Valentine's even more special with these great tasting chocolates.

Monticello, KY


Roxie has excellent taste!


It says a lot about the excitement level of my life right now that one of the highlights of my Valentine's Day was that someone's **dog** gave me a box of candy!  Roxie (who I occasionally feed and walk while her owners are away) was determined to get me nothing but the best, a group which apparently includes ***Elmer's Assorted Chocolates***.  I am surprised that I have never tasted them before because it seems that the Elmer Candy Corporation has been pumping out fine chocolates in the New Orleans area since 1855.  The attractive personal-sized (2.4 oz.) heart-shaped box contained four beautifully made candies which are slightly smaller than *[Fannie May][1] * but just as tasty, loaded as they are with cocoa butter and other melt-in-your-mouth ingredients.  There were two either peach or orange-flavored creams, a soft but chewy caramel and a truffle loaded with luscious liquid caramel which all tasted like that wonderful chocolate candy cooked in copper pots in ice cream parlour kitchens in the old days. **STATS:** Some merciful person has designated this entire personal assortment of four pieces to be one serving which contains 300 calories with 100 calories from fat.  There are 11 grams total fat, five grams saturated fat, one and a half grams trans fat, less than 5 mg. cholesterol, 45 mg. sodium, 50 grams total carbs, less than one gram dietary fiber, 44 grams sugars, and two grams protein.  There are even 4% (D.V.) each Calcium and Iron! **TASTE TIP:** ***Elmer's Assorted Chocolates*** are not something we should be eating every day, I suppose, but you should try them at least once.  As is the case with all fine chocolate, make sure this candy is at room temperature or even just a shade warmer for best flavor and consistency.  For more information, visit ***ElmerCandy.com***.     [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Fannie-May-Assorted-Chocolates-review-dfef4

Oak Park, IL


Elmer's - Assorted Chocolates

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