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Elite Skin
Elite Skin Elite Serum

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Wiped out dark circles under my eyes


After reading many eye serum reviews posted on various sites online, I decided to try the Elite Serum.  Elite Serumis an eye cream/serum that goes after the natural signs of aging, such as puffy eyes, eye bags, and dark circles.  Personally, I had a problem with dark circles for years. I did a lot of research before buying Elite Serum, as the price point was a little more than I wanted to spend.  However, I noticed on some leading web portals that it was the best eye serum on the market, so I decided to open up my wallet.   The eye serum worked in days.  My dark circles were completely reduced to a small fraction of what they were after 30 days.  This eye serum was the best purchase I've made in skin care in many years.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

Miami Beach, FL


Did not do a thing


I read the reviews and was hopeful that this product would help get rid of the bags under my eyes, no luck at all. It might help with dark circles but as that is not a problem I have I can not judge. I used it faithfully for 2 months and saw no difference at all. It was very expensive but worth a try.

Felton, PA


Elite Skin Elite Serum

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