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Eliminator Dandelion & Clover Killer

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the BEST one-of-a-kind product that works


Eliminator Dandelion & Clover Killer is a truly one-of-a-kind product that has NO competition. Why? Because there are no other products like this that do this specific job as well as tackle other weeds. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it (probably jealous competitors have bought and eliminated it from the consumer market. And this has been and is going on in so many areas, now.) I'm not at all happy with this cutthroat behavior and I refuse to buy any product that displays a sudden overglut of products on the shelf. This immediately tells me that a company with inferior products is crowding out any competition that may/does help the consumer and that the said company's only goal is their own profit. If I can't have my Eliminator Dandelion & Clover Killer, then I'll just settle for the weeds because NONE of the other weed killers can handle the job, and I know because I tried the other weed killers in the first place and they STINK! 

Holton, KS


Best weed killer I've ever used.


After trying many weed killers, I finally tried Eliminator Dandelion & Clover Killer.  I can honestly say that this killed all the different types of weeds in my yard.  It kills over 250 weed types with a matter of days.  I sprayed it once on my yard and my yard was almost weed free for the entire summer.  I applied it again this summer and have yet to see a weed in my yard.  I recommended this to my best friend and her husband and he told her that he wouldn't use anything but this from now on as it worked so well for him.

Wichita, KS


Eliminator Dandelion & Clover Killer

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