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Elf Studio Concealer Brush (ELF)

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ELF studio concealer brush is incredible!


One word this brush is Amazing! Personally I love this brush to apply my concealer. Its senthetic brushes make the concelear go on flawlessly! This is defenetly worth purchasing especially since the price is very cheap, very convinient.

Warden, WA


Studio Concealer Brush... needs to be concealed!


This brush is okay. It's a amazing brush for only like a couple bucks however... you can get really expensive brushes on clearence for almost this cheap sometimes or when theyre on sale. This brush does work well, with concealer and wet eye shadows too, however. It sheds horribly, especially when you first use it. More than any other brush I've had has shed before. Also, it falls apart. The brush comes out of the middle of it, and the middle of it comes out from the handle. It can be fixed and put back together with a little super glue but the point is... when you buy a brush, you shouldn't have to glue it together. Especially seeing how it is already assembled before purchase. I would like to point out my great respect for elf, and I love their mission to bring good products at a low price, and I love many of their products, but this one just isn't for me. It didn't make the standard, maybe elf should bring it back in for some more testing, and then it can be up to par with all their other wonderful products. Thanks for trying, elf!

Goshen, IN


This brush is ok


Not the best brush out there in the elf brand, But it does the job, I recently bought this brush along with the blush brush and i fell in love with the blush brush but not this one. dont get me wrong its nice and the price was fabulous but my honest 100% opinion is that i wouldnt buy this brush again or use it. THe other bruses are very nice and soft but for some reason this brush was a little harder than normal. I have other concealer brushes and they are so much softer this one was even making my face feel funny when i was using it. I think that maybe elf can do a better job. I love all of the elf products and have never relalyt been dissapointed in any of them except this one. I would totally reccomend the blush brush thought I kno you will love it. Also maybe the proffessional concealer brush may be a little better. I dont know if it was just that this one came in the studio one. I will try the proffessional one and let you guys know the difference.

San Bernardino, CA


they're cheap for a reason.


I hate all of ELF's brushes. I understand that they're really cheap and that they come in a great variety for everyone, but I have YET to buy an ELF brush that isn't practically FALLING APART the first time I try to use it. I tried the foundation brush first, and the bristles started COMING OUT as I tried to put my foundation on, leaving these gross, yellow bristles across my makeup application. Similarly the bronzing brush started to fall apart with just light pressure no my skin, getting fine bristles all over my bathroom sink. The concealer brush isn't really any different, it's handle feels like one of those cheap plastic hairbrushes that you can get at the 99 cent store on sale for .49 cents. If you want to buy a one time use, disposable brush, I wouldn't even recommend any of ELF's stuff for you. Just man up and go for the slightly more expensive stuff in this case, because with ELF you really only get what you pay for (or in my opinion, way less).

Los Angeles, CA


Elf Studio Concealer Brush (ELF)

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