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Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream

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Hard at work while you sleep


  I was first introduced to the **Elemis** skin care line while on a business trip.  I decided to slip into a day spa for a facial and I was impressed with the aromatherapy properties of the product line.  When I left that day, not only was my face looking brand new, but I slept like a baby that night!  I chalk that up to the soothing and relaxing scents that are the trademark of the **Elemis** product line. When their **Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream** was released, I was anxious to see if their treatment cream, which promised to stimulate my skin's natural cell renewal cycle, could truly make a difference in the appearance of my face.  At the same time, I was concerned about how hydrating it would be given that my face is dry and night time is when I like to pamper my skin with as much moisture as possible. I can report that I have not yet been disappointed with **Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream**.  The spicy yet soothing scent relaxes me and nightly, I look forward to smoothing the light cream across my face.  The first couple of times that I used it, I was concerned that outwardly, it didn't feel quite as moisturizing as other products I've used.  When I touch my face though, it feels like there is an invisible barrier which is holding the moisture in, instead of letting it evaporate into thin air.  From about week 2, I noticed that two of my problem areas - my forehead and my neck - both seemed to look smoother and most definitely, felt softer.  Impressive!  For those of you who like scented night treatment creams, I would definitely recommend that you give this one a try.

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Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream

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