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Glucose Monitor
Element Element Blood Glucose Test Strips

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Element Blood Glucose Test Strips make checking your sugar easy.


The Element Blood Glucose Test Strips come in a box of 50. There are 2 vials with 25 strips in each. The vials are really easy to get open, as they have a cap, with a wide lip on them. You just push up on it, and it opens. Make sure that your hands are washed before preparing to do a sugar reading. Take out one test strip and insert it into port of the meter, with the logo on top. The meter will come on automatically. With a lancet draw blood from your finger, or other part of your body, put it next to the edge of the test strip, and the blood will automatically be drawn into the channel of the Element test strip. After 3 seconds the reading will show in the screen of the meter. Once the test strip is taken out, the meter turns off on it's own. Make sure that the code numbers match before doing a test. Information on this comes with the meter, and test strips. Always keep the vials closed so that moisture cannot get to them.

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Element Element Blood Glucose Test Strips

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