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Element - ELCHS321 32-Inch 720p HD LCD Television

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Not bad for the price


Bought this tv 2 weeks ago during Black Thursday, being I didn't pay much for it wasn't expecting much. Picture is awesome even without the HD box from the cable company although it does have it's off hours where the picture is not quite as crisp as normal. Not crazy about the sound though as it is rather "canned" but plan on buying a surround sound or sound bar to help that out. Hookups are abundent and easy to use, hooked up dvd player in no time at all. Remote has everything needed on it so no complaints there. Not sure at the moment if I would by another Element but will see how this one does. Design is sleek and almost weightless which still amazes me, something so thin can have such a decent picture. Overall, I am very happy with this tv but then again have only had it for 2 weeks so will see what the future brings with it. Definitely suggest a sound upgrade of some sort though.



This is an amazing television!


I purchased this product before Christmas last year, and I love it!!! The picture quality is great. The sound is wonderful. And, it is super easy to set up. I was so impressed with it, I bought a smaller one for the spare bedroom. I can't imagine not having it. Durability I've only had mine for 7 months, but I haven't had any problems. Design Very stylish and attractive.

Charleston, SC


Crap product with Crap service from a Crappy warranty company!


I bought this TV 1/17/09 and it died 1/24/09  Since Circuit city went belly up I had to deal with the warranty company  YIPPEE  I have a warranty that states in home service and repair, but the company ProView told me the only way to have it repaired is to send it to them.  That cost a pretty penny!  I sent it and here it is April they have moved warehouses and are not doing any repairs for at least another two weeks!!! 

Beaumont, CA


Great TV! No problems!


I bought this television about three years ago and have loved it ever since.  It has good quality reception and have never had any problems deteriorating or anything.  The remote is easy to use, even for those of us who are not overly technical.  I LOVE how many things can connect to it!  We have a VCR, a DVD player, a Wii and our computer hooked up and only use half the available connections.  There is no need to disconnect one thing in order to connect a new thing.  One of my favorite things about this tv is I can use it as my computer monitor.  This makes watching online movies and television shows easy.  I always hated trying to watch them on my laptop when the screen was so small and the sound didn't turn up.  Now, I can watch missed shows as if they were normally on.  Also, it's great for video chatting - my kids can actually see their grandparents!  Also, I've moved with this unit and it is very easy to set up and take down.  It is light and uncomplicated.  

Kansas City, MO


The Element has a great quality picture and sound!


When shopping for a television when our old sanyo went out we didnt have alot of cash and decided to try to get our best value. We didnt need a big televison so we settled on a 32". Not knowing anything about the brand Element it resembled the Emerson so we intially thought it was a knock off brand. It was a good price so we thought we would take the risk. After the easy assembly we set it up and was suprised at the clear picture and the great sound that came from the television. I am sure this was a good choice and the quality is equal to the big name brands.

Norwood, MO


I would never buy another one of there products.


I cannot comment on this model but I can comment on the product, the Element 32" LCD tv model FLX-3210. Purchased last year on black friday (day after thanksgiving) received as a christmas gift. It went out last week, but because the date of receipt was 1 yr old, not the date that it was received they will not honor the warranty. This christmas I'm without a tv...if you (Sears) are not currently stocking this product you need to really consider this and check the reviews on others sites, I've found many complaints since I started searching. Keep your customers and let them have a TV still going next christmas...

Garden Grove, CA


Element - ELCHS321 32-Inch 720p HD LCD Television

3.5 6