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Glucose Monitor
Element Autocode Blood Glucose Meter

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Element have packed lots of features in the Blood Glucose Meter.


The Element Autocode Blood Glucose Meter is a simple device that makes taking your sugar reading easy. Len has been a diabetic for 37 years, has had dozens of different meters over the years, and this one is the latest one. He had no choice as he changed HMO's and this is the preferred one. He puts a test strip into the back/top of the meter, draws blood with a lancet, and then the blood on his finger gets drawn into the channel of the test strip. In only 3 seconds the result shows up in the screen of the meter. It also shows the room temperature, date, and time. Once the strip is removed the machine goes off. It stores the blood sugar readings and these can be checked by pressing the power on switch, and then either the up or down arrows. Len keeps his sugar under control, but for those who need it, it has an activity/meals flag, designate 3 unique averages, and also set up 5 daily alarms. I have used it once, as I like to take a blood sugar reading every 3 months. I found it easy to use. The only negative to this meter is that I prefer the smaller ones.

New Port Richey, FL


Element Autocode Blood Glucose Meter

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