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Electrolux UltraOne Bagged Canister Vacuum EL7070A

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You get a lot for your money when buying this model


Absolutely perfect vacuum ... Small and flexible, fairly quiet, long cord. Can put away neatly and easily in any cupboard or under the stairs Maneuverability It has wheels that allows it to spin around and follow lightly, tipping is not on the page that others can do. Now we can vacuum the ENTIRE house without moving the plug once!! Ease of Maintenance The one thing than I don'r like with this model is BAG! They are pricey sometimes. I would be happy with a bagless bacuum in this model. Suction Performance Superior suction power as well as good tip! Versatility This vacuum can clean under the bed, chairs and in all corners. Design The included 3-in-1 nozzle is smart and pushed onto the back of the vacuum cleaner. So do not have to look for it when you clean. Durability I had this for more than 3 years! and it seems be for longer



Electrolux UltraOne Bagged Canister Vacuum EL7070A

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