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Electrolux Pronto Stick Cyclonic Vacuum EL1000

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This Electrolux stick vacuum just sucks.


This Electrolux stick vacuum just sucks and not the way it should either. The dust buster part isn't to bad. As long as your filter is very clean. We use a shop vac to clean it every time it is used. The brushes on the stick part rarely turn. I tried contacting the company and got no responce. I let the people at the store where I bought it know how much I hate this product. Also it costs to much for how it works. I would NOT tell any of my friends to buy this. UPDATE: a couple of months after writing this review I have now gotten rid of the item. A friend wanted it so I just gave it to her. I'm glad to have it out of my house. I have bought something else to replace it that I just LOVE. I'll be writing a review on it soon.


Warrensburg, MO


Quick clean great on tile/wood floors


If you are looking for a dustbuster and a power broom, this unit combines both in a simple and effective way. The unit sits on a charging stand, offering a cordless, lightweight unit for use. This power broom is exceptional on tile and wood floors. The head has amazing swivel capacity and allows you to reach under furniture to trap and catch dust bunnies! The power portion of the unit is in the "dustbuster" portion, which can be removed easily by pushing the release buttons. The handheld unit can be used for off the floor messes, vehicle cleanup and those harder areas to reach. This piece also has the dirt collection area which is located under the dust filter. Just pop off the end of the unit and dump the dirt, etc. into a trash bag and you are good to go. The only downfall is on thicker carpets (higher than berber) you aren't going to achieve a deep clean like a traditional vacuum. We use it primarily on our tile floors in the hall, kitchen and baths. I've even been known to take it outside to the lanai and vacuum up the deck area.


Bradenton, FL


Great for the small jobs and hard to reach places


The Electrolux bagless vacuum is nice to have for the small jobs around the house. It's not as bulky as a normal vacuum, it's lightweight and it's cordless. You have to charge this though. We keep ours plugged in a corner to have it available at all times. It does have a bright blue light letting you know that it is charged and there is no way to turn it off so it just depends on if you're able to keep it out. It's also a two in one vacuum in the sense that you can unattach a piece in the front and make it a hand vac which is perfect for cleaning out your car or cleaning up the couches. This also includes a brush and another piece that attaches to the end of the hand vac. I honestly never use those pieces with the vacuum but if you do, they are included. It's just as powerful as most other vacuums. The biggest negative of this is that it is small which means that the bagless compartment that captures the dirt needs to be changed frequently. It just depends on the type of job you are doing but you may need to empty twice or more per room.


Bloomfield, NJ


Electrolux Pronto 2 in 1 exceeds all small vaccuums expectations


We purchased our Electrolux Pronto 2 in 1 3 years ago, and thankful for it daily. With kids and dogs, it is a must have! We have it hung on the wall in our laundry room so it charges everytime we put it away. we use the whole stick vaccuum on unfinished slate floors and tile, and the hand vac all over the place.  Here is the breakdown: Pros- Light weight Vaccuums 1200 square feet in 1 charge Easy to clean out Head swivels around chair legs easy Picks up dust and fur not just large pieces, (but does pick up cheerios etc.) Hand vacuum has great suction Cordless Cons- Doesn't work as well on carpet as a big vaccuum, but does an o.k. job on low profile rugs Orange in color so won't blend in well   We use our Electrolux probably 5 days a week and never have replaced anything on it. It works just as good as the first day we got it. I would (and do) take this out daily before pulling out the large vaccuum! Even our cleaning lady who cleans 5 houses a day loves this small machine. The price is fantastic, it is a bit more than some of the "lightweight" vacuums, but is so worth the extra 20 bucks since many of the others have a longevity of only a year or two. Highly recommended!      


Humble, TX


Electrolux customer service is great!


So I was given one of these but I couldn't get it to work.The battery wouldn't stay charged for longer than a few seconds when taken off the charging stand. I was so dissapointed because I have two your children, one of them a messy self-feeder and the other one an eater of any little thing on the floor and I was really looking forward to the concept of a cordless vacumm to clean up after them. Also, I think it would really cut down on dust because I can just see the particles flying every time I sweep! But back to the story. I called up the 800 number on the owner's manual and got right on with a real, live person. He informed me that my particular model had been recalled because of the battery problems and they were going to give me free, postage-paid replacement. He was very apollagetic and helpful and I was impressed with the service. So I can't say for sure that the machine is all I am hoping for but I do know that the company is excellent to work with!


Durham, NC


couldn't live without it


I have a lot of hardwood floor and 2 little kids and I'm constantly using this and don't know what I would do without it!  I have 4 rooms, a hallway and an entryway that are all hardwood and the battery life makes it through all of these rooms. It manouvers fantasticly, has great suction, is easy to clean out, and has the removable hand held vac!  The hand held is nice for bigger spills or vacuuming up my couch or other things. I have had it about 6 months now, so I can't give it a 5 until it passes the year mark. My last cordless floor vac (Shark) didn't make it over a year, but this one seems to be better from the get go! It looses the suction when the filter gets clogged, but clean that out with the built in flicker thing and it's as good as new!  If I roll over something larger it can get clogged in the curved hose, but they made the hose easily removable so you can get it right out!  I think they have thought of everything with this one! Love it!


South Jordan, UT


A bit expensive, but so worth it!


I was in the market for a stick vac for quick cleanups on hard floors between vacuuming.  We have two small children and the kitchen is in constant need of a quick vacuuming (after every meal, usually).  The Electrolux Pronto Stick Vacuum fit the bill.  It is small, resonably powerful, and gets the job done.  It's great having the charging stand so the vacuum is always charged and ready to go.  I also really love that the lower part pops out of the vacuum so you have a small handheld unit for when that's necessary.  I literally use this every day, usually multiple times a day, so it's really been a lifesaver, even if it was a bit expensive to begin with.  I will say, though, that it is not very useful on carpet, at least on higher carpet like we have in our family room adjoining the kitchen.  We did run into an issue soon after purchasing where the battery unit was recalled, but Electrolux exhibited great customer service and shipped us a new battery unit very quickly.  Definitely would recommend this stick vac if you're looking for something that will work well on hard surfaces.


Lewisberry, PA


easy to carry for a quick pick up on hardwood floors


Love my stickvac! We purchased this to replace the old broom and swiffer combination we had been using on our hardwood floors. We have both a dog and a cat, which means we have lots of little fur bunnies around. This works great! I am able to do a quick sweep up before going to bed each night to keep things under control. We also use it to clean around the litter box. My only complaint is that the dog/cat hair tend to clog up around the brush, but it is easily removed with a pair of scissors. Also love the hand held part with the attachment. I can really get into hard to reach places with it.


Bellefonte, PA


Picks up most of the time.


This is an okay vacuum that picks up most of the time.  The charge lasts a long time if stored on the base. Because of the angle of the stick the handheld device is connected to sometimes you have to remove the handheld device to pick up somethings. It has also been known to scratch y hardwoods when just the handheld is used.


Greer, SC


Love this vacuum!


We love using our Electrolux stick vacuum! It works great for quick clean ups when we don't want to get out our full size vacuum (a Bissell Healthy home vacuum). One of my favorite things about this Electrolux vacuum is that the head swivels around easily to fit into and under tight spaces. It is also very lightweight and a breeze to carry up and down flights of stairs. One negative aspect of this vacuum is that it does not come completely assembled, so it takes a few minutes to put it together. I do love the fact that it is cordless for quick clean ups. We just leave it charging in a closet and then pull it out when we need it. It works well on both bare floors and carpets. It is also nice to use for vacuuming stairways. I would definitely recommend this vacuum to someone who is looking for a lightweight portable vacuum, but it is not designed to be your primary vacuum. It would take much to long to vacuum a large area with it (not to mention the charge would run out).


Princeton, TX


Electrolux Pronto Stick Cyclonic Vacuum EL1000

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