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Canister Vacuums
Electrolux Oxygen Clean Air Canister Vacuum

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Cheap and worked for a while


Worked ok for 2 years, but just doesnt have suction power anymore, but cant complain due to the price.

bogota, colombia


Give it a Tray!


I have had this vacuum for about 2 months. My MIL has had an Electrolux for 30 years so I decided to give it shot. I like it. It picks up very well and has serious power. It has all the attactments necessary to clean the average house. The canister has been hard for my 14 yo to use and she has spent a little time banging it up but we are working on that. It is an adjustment.

Greer, SC


electrolux vaccuu THE BEST


  I bought an electrolux vaccuum in 1964. It still runs and cleans like a new one. I would never buy any other brand. The only part I ever had to replace was the hose and thatwas because I shut the car door on it. I have the canister vac. I give it 10 gold stars.

Oriskany, NY


The Electorlux EL6988A is small but powerful.


The Electrolux EL 6988D is powerful despite its small size and quiet operation. Its lighter than my previous machine but seems to do the job just as well. The wand is bigger and bulkier though slightly offsetting the ease of moving the main unit around. The bare floor and the upholstery attachment are not storable on or in the machine which is another strike against it since I tend to misplace things like that if I don't have a specific place for it. I thought about sending the unit back because but the size and quiet but effective ooperation made it worth keeping. If you're shopping for a canister vac I'd suggest getting your hands on the ones you're considering before purchasing.

Incline Village, NV


Electrolux Oxygen Clean Air Canister Vacuum

4.0 4