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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Electrolux Nimble Upright Vacuum,


Electrolux Nimble is a bagless upright vacuum with More Swivel, Less Struggle. With smooth swivel steering, it twists and turns around furniture with ease. Powerful 12 amp multi-cyclonic technology provides a deep clean. Lightweight design allows you to clean more with less effort. With 14 ft of reach, the stretch hose and quick-release wand allow you to go from carpet to off-the-floor cleaning in an instant. The 3-in-1 Versatool acts as a crevice tool, upholstery nozzle and stair cleaning tool. This unit has a large dust cup, sealed HEPA filtration system, LED headlight, ergonomic handle, 30 ft cord and parking wheels that automatically retract in use.

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Great Product A+++


Great we owned one since we were married and looking forward to buying another one soon Maneuverability Very easy to move in & around furniture and tables and hallways are a breeze to do Ease of Maintenance We owned one for over 33 years and we find the parts like belts and bags last a very long time and we only had ours services 2 times since we owned it Suction Performance Very powerful it can pick up bowling ball and ours has two settings one for tile and hard wood and another for carpets Versatility Ours has some attachments but we really do not need them however it is nice to have for drapes and under beds and tight places Design Very nice and lightweight still looks good even if it is 33 years old Durability You cannot go wrong buying one and just flat out work




Great Vaccum! No expensive filters!


I love my Electrolux Nimble. I have four pets, two dogs and two cats, and the vacuum cleaner has wonderful suction. The canister is really easy to dump, and I get three or four canisters full of hair every time I vaccum. It has great attachments, too, with an extendable hose that makes it really easy to vacuum my curtains, furniture, and stairs. The best part is that it doesn't require any expensive replacement filters. It has one HEPA filter and a sponge filter on the top of the canister, and all you have to do is rinse it, let it dry, and put it back in. In comparison to other bagless vacuum cleaners, this one is the best. Great bang for your buck! Maneuverability Easy movement. Not heavy at all, and it has a handle that you can pick it up. I use it to vacuum my stairs, even! Ease of Maintenance Very easy to clean. You can take the inside canister out to wipe clean, and when you want to empty the canister, you just open the bottom into the trash can. Suction Performance Great suction; I have pets and it gets up ALL the hair. Versatility Very easy to use on both furniture and carpet. It even has a button that you can change from carpet to bare floor. Works great! Design Very nice design. Easy to keep clean, maintain, and it looks great, too! Doesn't get a grimy look after a while like some other vacuum cleaners. Durability I've had this vacuum cleaner for over a year, and it works just like when I used it out of the box. Very durable.




Great suction, all attachments are stored on the machine. Easy


I have pets, when I got this vacuum I was amazed at how much pet hair was in my carpets. I used my old vacuum frequently and thought I was cleaning. This new machine must have been pulling six months of pet hair that my old vacuum was unable to pull. The canister had to be emptied 6 times just for my small living room. I feel that my home is much cleaner as a result of buying this vacuum. Maneuverability It moves great, easy to turn. The powerhead is a little too large to go under my couch so I have to use the attachments or move the couch to get under the couch. Ease of Maintenance Cleaning the machine is not pleasant. The manual says to wipe the inside of the canister with a damp rag. I found that only caused streaks inside the canister and left dirt. I put mine in the sink and use the sprayer and let it dry. The filter needs to be washed also. The manual says to let the filter dry 24 hours. Mine was not dry after 24 hours and I live in a dry climate. I'm afraid if the filter is not completely dry it will cause damage to the motor. Suction Performance Amazing suction. When you use the attachments the suction seems to diminish but I was still impressed with the overall performance using the attachments on my furniture and stairs. Design I like the fact that the hose and attachments are all attached to the vacuum. No longer have to run to another part of the house to get attachments in the middle of vacuuming. Durability I have not owned mine long, so it is hard to say how well it hold up to the test of time. I have owned other Electrolux vacuums and they have a phenominal life. Hope to get many years of use.




Nice to look at, not so nice to use.


At first, I thought this would be a great vacuum. It has good maneuverability and I liked the design. However, suction utilizing attachments is almost non-existent. Emptying the canister is a dusty mess. I would recommend doing it outside and placing the canister in a bag and sealing the top while doing it. Remember to hold your breath after emptying because there will be a dust cloud. I could live with this if the suction were better. Maneuverability Very maneuverable. Ease of Maintenance The filter takes forever to dry. The canister is not easily emptied without causing a mess. Suction Performance It is satisfactory using it as a floor model, but once you use the vacuum hose and attachments the suction is greatly reduced. Versatility Not really known. Design Pleasing to the eye. Durability Not known.




Electrolux Nimble Upright Vacuum,

4.0 4