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Electrolux ICON Gas Cooktop

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Nothing like an Electrolux. Even heat. easy to clean up. Looks nice too. There is a time less elegance with Electrolux, probably why it is still selling well on the market. Heat Distribution Gas of course as opposed to electric gives much better heat. Ease of Cleaning Simply use a Swedish sponge to clean off under the grate- it leaves less water than a standard sponge. Available at all better kitchen stores.

Saint Paul, MN


Electrolux Icon gas cooktop is a solid performer


We've owned this applicance for a little over 2 years.  It's been great working with a gas cooktop after cooking with electric for more than 33 years.  I love the ability to move a heavy pot easily to another burner without having to lift it.  The controls are easier to to manage for your different temperatures than electric.  The different BTU burners and attachments have worked efficiently for a budding chef.  I've not tried the wok ring but I love the griddle.  I used to rely upon an electric griddle which was okay but that took up much needed counter space.  We've kept that old griddle but have not used it since we've had this cooktop. I don't care for the way the grates tend to be uneven between the middle back burner and left and right side burners.  The pots tend to rock on the grates.  Otherwise, this appliance would have gotten a bigger score from me.  I like the controls being top and center leaving the pots closer to the sides allow for whisks and stirring spoons.  My grandkids who like to play in the area I'm at can't get at the controls. Good unit all in all but could use some improvement. Temperature Control I did have to get a diffuser to get some things to simmer rather than boil. Heat Distribution I would like to see better distribution of the flames - maybe a star design Design The grates are uneven & my pan will rock on it - not a good thing. After working with it now for several years, I wish the controls were located on the side rather than the center middle. This would make moving heavy pots much easier to a different area of the stove. Ease of Cleaning It's a little tight to clean under the knobs which tend to collect spatters. I've not figured out if I can remove them YET.

Palmer, AK


Electrolux ICON Gas Cooktop

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