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French Door Refrigerators
Electrolux French Door Refrigerator EW28BS71IB / EW28BS71IS / EW28BS71IW

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Look for it on a sale


This is a sleek-looking fridge for anyone looking to modernize, update or just have a new look for their kitchen. The bottom freezer is spacious with a pullout drawer to double the space. The fridge is set up nicely too with lots and lots of door space that fit a decent amount of bottles, etc. The shelving is adjustable which is helpful as you will probably end up being frustrated adjusting to the french-door style if you have never had one before. The ice maker on the left side takes up a lot fridge space, so I try to maximize as much as I can in my doors and drawers. Thankfully, the drawers pull out pretty deep. One thing to keep in mind- you always have to make sure all the doors are shut all the way- the freezer does not like to close comepletely and neither do the french doors. There is a sensor on the door that will eventually beep and an alarm will go off if the temperature does up in the freezer, but this is annoying to hear all the time, and a nuisance when it comes to the freezer. So, just a heads up there. Overall, it is a nice fridge. Not really any complaints, but nothing to really write home about either. I would definately never pay full-price for it.

Furlong, PA


Electrolux Refrigerator is a disappointment


We bought the top-of-the-line refrigerator hoping that we wouldn't have problems too soon. We were wrong. We have only had our refrigerator 6 months and have had problems. After using the ice dispener, we would hear a loud knocking sound every time. Then we came in to find water dripping out of the ice maker and there was no ice in the bin. We called electrolux and they had us do all kinds of things electronically to try and fix the problem but nothing worked so they sent some new parts and we set up an appointment with a repairman. He fixed the problem but while he was here, we asked him if he got a lot of calls on electrolux refrigerators and he said he did and almost all of the problems were with the ice maker. We spent a LOT of time researching refrigerators before we bought ours and it didn't help. Electrolux was very quick and responsive but we don't feel a brand new, top-of-the-line appliance should need part replacements after only six months.

Fremont, CA


Electrolux French Door Refrigerator EW28BS71IB / EW28BS71IS / EW28BS71IW

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