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Electrolux Freestanding Gas Range

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This stove is worth the splurge.


When my previous stove ( a Jennair) continued to require expensive repairs to all the computerized, digital and touch pads, I wanted a stove with nothing digital or computerized, and no touch pads! I love having real knobs for every thing. It fells like I'm in control. For cooking, that's what I wanted. There is a more hands on feeling, and after several years, I have had no repairs. My stove gets lots of use, and has never disappointed me in it's ability to handle whatever I need it to do, both on the burners, or in the oven. It costs more than some, but I'd buy the same stove again. Temperature Control My baking is consistent because the temperature is accurate ( I use a separate oven thermometer to check) . Heat Distribution For baking or roasting the heat distribution is very even. I have noticed that the sweet zone when broiling is a little smaller than I would like,. Durability It has given me no trouble after several years of hard use and still looks great. The top grates are very heavy duty. Design I love the clean design, and the overall look. It looks serious and professions, without trying to make a "look at me..I'm a great cook" statement. And the blue enamel in the oven is a nice touch. Ease of Cleaning The only negative thing I really have to say about this stove is that the oven racks must be removed for the self cleaning cycle and hand cleaned.



electrolux icon, poor quality construction for the money


Electrolux Icon series range is poorly made.  If you can believe, I went thru 3 in less than a year and over half a dozen service calls.  The first one didn't have the easy glide racks.  They were so hard to pull out once heated that food fell off the back of the rack.  Brackets were replaced twice, nothing worked.  3 Service calls. The second one, the convection oven didn't work.  Upon inspecting it further, the repairman said it was very poor made inside and recommended it be returned.  It appeared to have been almost dropped, though it didn't exhibit any signs on the exterior. 1 Service call The third, the sensor for when it reaches its desired temperature doesn't work and the door to the range doesn't sit straight.  After they attempted to replace hinges, and still couldn't get it to look straight, they were going to replace it again.  2 Service calls. They offered a 4th range, but said FORGET IT.  All this took a YEAR, and I finally gave up.  Moving on to a better manufacturer.  I'll never buy an electrolux appliance again.

Danville, CA


Electrolux Freestanding Gas Range

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