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Electrolux Epic Series SR Canister Vacuum

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Love Electrolux


I have been married for thirty-seven years and have had only two vacuum cleaners in all that time. They were both electrolux and both re-conditioned. The electrolux vacuum cleaner seems to last forever. The bags hold a lot and don't have to be changed that often and I have a dog and a cat. They will last even longer if you don't have any pets. I have never had a problem with my electrolux vacuum. The first one just wore out; I had it for such a long time. The bags are pretty easy to get where I live. I'm not sure how many dealers there are, but are easy to find online. The bags aren't really inexpensive, but the price is not too bad, either. I can't say enough about the electrolux; I recommend it to many people. They are not cheap, but if you continue to buy cheap vacuums, you could have got one to begin with and saved all the trouble.

Jacksonville, FL


great vacuum for the long haul


We have owned this electrolux epic series vacuum for over 20 years.  It still picks up anything spilled.  We use it on carpets, wood floors and ceramic tile.  Other than a few minor replacement parts (the hose twice and the light once) the electrolux vacuum has never needed any repairs.  When we purchased it the electrolux vacuum was very expensive compared to other available vacuums.  In the long run this vacuum has stood the test of time and paid for itself ever and over again.  We do purchase the bags from electrolux and they are more expensive than other vacuum bags but they are layered to trap more dirt and fine particles.  There is also a hepa filter which collects the even finer particles that may get past the filter and put back into the air.  It rarely needs to be changed.  The vacuum has attachements for getting into small areas and cleaning furniture.  All attachments are stored on the canister for easy access and convenience.  The cord retracts into the canister as well.  There are several setting for the type of particles (large pieces of dirt or very fine dust) you are cleaning up so the vacuum can sense when the bag is full and not turn the machine off prematurely.  The electrolux vacuum automatically turns off once the bag is full and needs to be replaced.

Shirley, NY


Electrolux's aren't as good anymore


This vacuum is okay. The suction starts out great like any vacuum, but the motor doesn't last as long at all. A sales person told me that this is because Electrolux had some kind of dispute and now some Aerus company is making them and using a lower powered motor. It is important to have a strong and reliable motor because if it is underpowered, it will be overworked too easily and thus it burns out. Calling a rep and having them replace motors gets expensive, so I no longer want to buy Electrolux. This used to be a good company so I'm sad to see this happen. My next vacuum will be a Dyson or Miele. Otherwise the attachments work well and the canister has solid plastic parts around an assummingly metal chassis [its quite hefty]. The wheels start to squeak after a while - not sure if that is a particularly bad thing - doesn't affect it's performance. I also have the rolling brush attachment, which works well too.

Cerritos, CA


I love Electrolux!


Got this vacuum over six years ago when I convinced my husband that we needed to get a different vacuum to replace that one that we had received a shower gift only a year before. After six years we have never had a problem with it and it is still working great! We bought it from a local salesperson who came and demonstrated every feature of the vacuum right in our own home. We can order replacement bags and filters from this lady, but these parts can also be ordered right from the Electrolux website at a very reasonable price and delivered right to your home! I grew up with Electrolux and will always recommend it to anyone! I think I even have my husband convinced that there is nothing better than an Electrolux!

Paton, IA


this vacumn cleaner is very good at cleaning the carpet


The vacumn cleaner cleans the carpet very well, I love the Electrolux Vacumn Cleaners.  They last forever, and it is pretty easy to get the bags and other supplies.  It is a fairly expensive vacumn cleaner but well worth the money.  It even cleans older carpet, and you still get the lines where you have vacumned.  The Electrolux Vacumn Cleaner has all the attachment and can even blow air if needed.  I love my Electrolux and would only change it to an upright machine.  It is a good vacumn and I love it.  It has malfunction a couple of times, but it did not cost alot to be repaired. I have had my vacumn cleaner for some time and I also have the carpet shampooer and it is fairly good also, however that machine has several parts but it also cleans kitchen floor with the stripper and then you have the shine to put back on.  Electrolux products in general are an excellent choice for anyone to purchase they are just fairly expensive.

Marietta, GA


The best


Of course, everyone know Electrolux vacuum cleaners have always been the best. They are expensive, but well worth the money. My grandmother bought one when I was born and I was using it in college. I have owned a lot of vacuum cleaners, but will never use anything other than Electrolux from now on.

Mesa, AZ


Electrolux Epic Series SR Canister Vacuum

4.5 6