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Electrolux Built-in Dishwasher

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Good dish washer but...


I was able to hand pick all my appliances for my new construction house. I needed to find a very large and quiet dishwasher that is able to keep up with our family of five who nearly always eats meals at home that I prepare. That said, I found a great deal on this electrolux dish washer, however we have the stainless steel model. The tub space is very nice, I came from a very small roll away dishwasher, so pretty much anything was an improvement in tub space. However, I am able to got many very large items into this dishwasher that I never could before and thought I would never be able to. I was at first pretty unsatisfied with this dishwasher. It didn't seem to get my dishes clean at all. We even had the repair man come out to inspect as it just wasn't performing. I found out that the heavy setting works the best for how I handle dishes. I don't like to pre-wash my dishes at all and think that the washer should be actually cleaning the dishes so I don't have to put clean dishes in. I don't know if it was me getting used to this thing or not, but after our 'honeymoon' we have been getting along much better and have even been able to scale down my setting to auto. I only use finish brand dishwasher detergent which is the only one that will give you good results. I think overall this is a good dishwasher. I don't like that it didn't' seem to work well right 'out of the box.' Occasionally I will still have a dirty dish or two that will require some hand washing to get clean. I'm guessing this just may be due to my putting in really dirty dishes.

Canton, KS


Great Dishwasher


i am not sure why this dishwasher is getting such bad reviews, but it is by far the best dishwasher we have ever had. One tiny complaint is that it is so quite you cannot hear it. hangon....that is not a complaint, unless you open it when it operates, but then there is a simple remedy, rember that you started it in the irst place. the tub is great and we actually have not enough plates etc to fill the machine, so we add pots and pans, all of them come out clean. the trick is to rinse your stuff before adding it to the machine, but that is hardly news. Seriously, we look at the reviews and figured out that the main issues come from the install and not the machine, so blame your plummer not Electrolux.

Ellicott City, MD


bad design


The controls of the dishwasher are verly hard to read when the diswaher cycle is completed.  The clean light is is tiny and you have to open the dishwasher to find out if the cycle is done.  I e-mailed Electrolux and they told me that a light on the left would illuminate.  That is for the higher priced one.  Customer service is not what it should be.  I am very unhappy..... for that price somehow there should be a light, like one that shines on the floor (again like the higher priced model) to indicate the cycle is done.  You can get a dishwasher for half the price with better indicators as to where in the cycle the machine is.  No more Electrolux applicances for me.

Emory, TX


Electrolux Built-in Dishwasher

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