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Electrolux : 30 LP Gas Range, Self-Cleaning, Convection - Stainless Steel

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Ok range but not worth the money at all


We have had this range for 2 years now.  We bought this Electrolux range mainly because we were looking for a range that had two seperate ovens so we could cook large meals when we were entertaining.  When we were looking at appliance stores there was only one Maytag and one GE oven in the middle range of ovens that gave us dual ovens in one range.  This one was our favorite mainly because the second oven is on the bottom of the range, vs. the top on the other two ranges.  The gas range part of this oven worked well.  The commericals say that it boils a pot of water in 90 seconds, and if you put a lid on it and put it on the big BTU burner then it's pretty close, but I'd say it's more like a two minutes.  That said, I had no issues out of the ordinary with the cooktop.  It was kind of hard to clean when stuff gets burned on, but I just put some dawn liquid detergent on it and put a wet towel on top and let it sit overnight and most of the time I could get off anything that had burned off and dried on.  My main issue with this range is the ovens.  This is why you pay extra for this range vs. other ranges and it was a huge disappointment.  The second oven is more like a warming drawer.  No matter what temperature I put it on it never cooked anything, it just kept things warm.  I called Electrolux and I had someone come out and they all said it worked as it should.  I explained that I couldn't cook anything in the second oven and the repair guy told me that was typical.  After months of hassle I gave up and lived with it.  So definitely not what I paid for.  Also, the bottom of the main oven would get so hot not matter what temperature you put it on.  This was bad because everytime something spilled over onto the bottom (mostly when I make pizzas and casseroles) it would burn on and the smoke detector would go off.  Every. single. time......It was a huge pain.  I learned that I always turned on the vent when I baked anything in the oven.  I asked the repair guy if there was a problem and he said no.  So, with this two major issues with this range we were not happy at all that we paid a premium to get this brand and range.  Electrolux appliances are very popular outside of the US per our analysis, but I am not sure why.  They make great vacuums and I think they should stick to that.


Rogers, AR


Electrolux : 30 LP Gas Range, Self-Cleaning, Convection - Stainless Steel

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